Monday, February 11, 2008

And the little one is sick!

Poor Shaeler! She awoke on Saturday morning vomitting. She vomitted until about noon and then she was just not feeling right the rest of the day. When she awoke yesterday, she was happy and back to her old self. She went to church and came home and played without a care in the world. She begged me to let her wear her Snow white dress to church, but it was not appropriate to go to church in a dress where your belly hangs out. I promised she could wear it before and after church. She awoke this morning crying for her dad and when I got into her room, she said she had to throw up again. Got her to the toilet in time and now I am staying home from work to keep her company. My mind is boggled over this, because she was sick one day, fine the next and then sick again today. No fever any of the days. So no hair appointment today, I get to hang out with Shae and watch tv with her.


Annban10 said...

I'm sorry!! :(

My cousin Heather just posted on her blog that her kids had a 5 day stomach flu.. I hope for your sake, it's not it! ~And I hope you and Brian have been spared so far! It's terrible to try and take care of them, when you don't feel great either!!

~~~I'm glad your still blogging! I love to hear about your day, and thoughts!!

Katie said...

Elie had something similar last fall. Hers was with a fever though. We had all kinds of tests done and they could never find what it was. I'm sorry. Its bad being sick and almost worse if its a child!


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