Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Let the Adoption Games Begin!

Yesterday, Brian and I went to our first interview with LDS Family Services. We have the nicest social worker named Emily. She asked us a lot of questions about why are we adopting and questions about our marriage. And then she showed us all the paper work ahead of us. Wow! Even I am overwhelmed a bit! It seems that this is a long process to get approved and then we wait. It's funny, when Brian and I were driving home, I asked Brian how he was feeling. He said he felt nervous, but the same nervous he felt when we found out that Shaeler was coming.

My thoughts turn to the birth mothers that are considering adoption. How she must feel completely overwhelmed by her pregnancy. Is she scared, lonely, comforted or supported? I cannot imagine the the decisions that she has to go through. I have the utmost respect for anyone that has to go through this process, on both sides.


Annban10 said...

Amen. I know many people that have been on both sides of the fence.
Since all of the paperwork is the beginning part, consider it the " morning sickness ".. :) At least no IV's involved this time right?

I am exited for you guys! I hope you stay the course, and keep the faith! Your great parents!!

Katie said...

It is a long road, but well worth it. Having experience, I can say that I've seen birth mothers in all the described situations. Just know that you'll be blessed for the decisions that you are making. May the Lord be with you!


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