Wednesday, April 2, 2008

I Cleaned the Bathroom!

A couple of weeks ago, my work received 2 magazines from Better Home and Garden. My boss doesn't like the magazines, so he gives them to me. I was reading through this months magazine and found an article called "Vanity Fair." It was an article about how to organize your bathroom so your drawers were not a cluttered mess. I was inspired and have been excited to be able to organize my bathroom. Yesterday, I was able to do it and let me tell you, I am so happy, I just want to hang out in the bathroom all day long. I am just about ready to hop in the shower, and I am so excited to use my new system.

It started with this drawer. We were at Target yesterday and I saw that these bins were 99 cents. So I picked up 4 to see how well I could organize my hair drawer. It was just a matter of cleaning out, throwing away, wiping down, organizing and then putting in their places and VOILA!! Serenity!

So Shae and I headed back to Target and I knew my makeup drawer was going to be a whole new ball game. So much stuff and I need more compartments than 4 baskets. So I thought of the junk drawer organizers and it was a perfect fit for what I need. This particular one is two levels, so underneath the top drawer is more makeup I need on special occasions. This is my favorite drawer.

The last part of my vanity fair was the dreaded closet. Now this was BAD!! It killed me to look at it all the time because this is where I store my hair dryer and curling irons. I cringed looking at the top shelf. It was a large bin full of anything and everything. I found many expired medicatons from 2004 that I had no idea were up there. Now that is bad! Brian would get upset with me because of all of the chords that would hang down. But have no fear, Target is near! I found metal shelving compartments to store my hot curling supplies in. I organized all of the lotions we use and set them in a basket. I went through our towels and went through what needed to go and what could go into the other bathroom. After 3 hours of cleaning (some drawers are not pictured here) I have a Vanity Fair of my own!

Next on my list is the kitchen and my closet!


Annban10 said...

Yeah to organizing!! I'm so HAPPY for you!! Seeing someone else do it makes me feel so much satisfaction.. Yes, I know it's a sickness. Those dollar bins in the drawers are my favorites!! I have used them in every room in my house...

I hope I can organize my bathroom this year, because if I can, then my bathrooms are remodeled!! :)

JENNIFRO said...

Now that is AWESOME! Funny, I've been doing my kitchen cupboards and fridge all day. Getting things clean and organized is the best feeling. That, and starting to exercise again! Good job!

Katie said...

I am on this kick now. I have to get our bathroom together (after Trae's room, the office, the kids bathroom). Thanks for some ideas on how to do it. To bad for me that the closest Target is 20 min away.


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