Friday, April 18, 2008

Remember Who You Are III!

This is one of my favorite childhood photos. I was 3-4 years old in this picture. I use to have very long hair as a child an I loved that I have a bow in my hair. It reminds me of Alice in Wonderland. I loved this dress too!

During this time period, I remember my favorite TV show was the Polk-a-Dot Door. I remember when I was 4 sitting on my moms lap and riding to Skippers for dinner. I remember having these brown sandals that had a heel that I thougth were like high heels and wanting to wear them because I felt "grown up." We had a trampoline and a swingset in our backyard. I remember playing with my friends and making houses out of our bikes and lining them up in a square and laying a blanket over the top for a roof. This is the age, I believe that Three's Company and Mel's Diner was favorite TV shows in our home. These are the days that if you got me into a restaurant that I would set up my utensils to be like dolls and keep myself entertained. The knife was the dad, the fork was the mom and the spoon was the daughter. If I was lucky enough to keep the menu, VOILA I had a house. Life was easy and care free.

Looking back, I am remeinded that I once had an amazing imagination and I need to find it again. I was happy by the littlest things and I should return back to that child like attitude. I need to play more often and not worry so much about my days being about accomplishing things. Take life and enjoy it!

By the way, does that picture remind you of anyone?


The Dearden's said...

SO CUTE! I can't believe how much you remember about your life at that age, and how much Shaelar looks like you!

Jenice Henrie said...

This is one of my top five favorite pictures of you. We cut your hair short just after these were taken. I am not sure if I have that dress in the cedar chest or where it is. I will look and see if I can find it.

Annban10 said...

I love the journaling you posted with the darling picture. I agree with you.. I had a ton of imagination as a kid, and don't use it as much now that I am older. I have always thought Shae looked more like Brian's family, but now I know see her in you too!


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