Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Since We Are talking about Movies!!

This is a venting blog, so Beware!

A couple of things have been on my mind. I know Ann's blog has been crazy about chick flick movies. So that has been on my mind. I also spent some time today with one of my Young Woman who has decided to live in Italy for a year. As I was talking to her, I told her my new nick name for her was going to be Sabrina. Like from the movie with Audrey Hepburn. I truly am excited for her to go to Europe and I told her that she will come back all lady like and sophisticated just like Sabrina.

Then my thoughts went to the movie discussion on Ann's page. Honestly, there is 1 in 10 movies that come out that are really good wholesome movies. I love a good love story, but where has Hollywood taken the morality of a relationship? Certainly not the things we are teaching our children, so I pose the question, why do we like to live vicariously through these modern day movies that don't even touch the standards we live our own lives.

I say, get back to the classics and the old movies where things were cleaner. Have a girls night out where we watch things that are uplifting and I don't have to close my eyes because there is a half naked man or woman on screen. I just have a hard time telling my daughter that I love this movie even though they fall in love with having a premarital relationship. How am I going to explain that to Shaeler when she is older? I too loved the movies that were noted but lately things seem differently to me. I know I might offend someone here! I don't know if it is the calling or what, but when I see things or hear things on television or a movie, it affects me not only spiritually but physically also. I also know I am walking a fine line of being too churchy or "straight arrow" but as time goes by and Hollywood gets worse and worse, where is the line where it doesn't affect me anymore?

I realize that I have set myself up to get some real flack here, but please do not take this as a judgement I am placing on movie goers and if it is what you like to do and it makes you happy, then that is fine with me. I am sure I will probably see more movies myself in the future. I have my own weaknesses and am not trying to throw rocks at a glass house. Just bringing it up for thought! And this is a personal evaluation of myself! I hope you guys have fun and let me know if it the movie turns out good. And I also propose that if you guys ever want to join me in the classics, I can easily clear out my house, bring the treats and we can watch an "oldie but goodie" here.


Lacey said...

I'm on your side Suz, I hate how much yuk is in films and TV today. To be honest with you, I have pretty much given up on TV and only watch the occasional news broadcast or interesting PBS show. And I am getting more and more picky about what films I am willing to see.

Annban10 said...

You have to do what's best for you and for your family. I have my own opinions about Hollywood, and the sleaze, but I will save that novel for another day.

FYI: Their are websites that will tell you EXACTLY what is in a movie beforehand so you are prepared, and do not have to see or hear anything you don't want to.

I wish many things could be back in olden times... The dress, the manners, the simplicity, but again... another novel for another day. I had no idea this topic of " chick flicks" would strike up so many opinions. It's been interesting!

Katie said...

Just like people like to read trashy love novels (which I know plenty of LDS women that read these), chick flicks are a release for me and only me. I won't go see one if I know that the content is questionable, but I don't see anything wrong with a simple movie. Yes, the morals may not be up to my standards, but honestly there are very few shows (TV included) that do. I believe that Traeden hears and sees much worse just in school alone. I think that it is from school-not from movies or TV-that he learned about sex. Situations that chick flicks are based on happen every day, everywhere, it is how we deal with it that makes us who we are. I don't feel like I should shelter my kids from things that are real, only to explain to them why we don't believe or do those things and hope that they can make the best decisions for them. I don't feel like I am setting a bad example for them because I chose to see a chick flick where someone might have sex before they are married.

I do like the oldies too though. But even some of those for the day and time that they were released had controversy. Even Sabrina. I used to stay up late and watch National Velvet, Dr. Ziavago, Houseboat, etc with my dad and they were some of the funnest times of my life.

I didn't mean to rant, I only wanted to state my case. I honestly feel like I am being judged by alot of people for wanting to a PG-13 movie and I'm really sorry if that offends you.

Suzanne said...


This blog was never intended to be an attack on anybody! I respect your opinion! This was more of a self analysis and speaking out loud. I still like movies and I will still see movies. Besides the point, the company is usually what makes the movies worth while.

JENNIFRO said...

Well...I usually think most chick flicks are too contrived for my taste--but tons of people love them so who am I to say. For a TRULY romantic movie I recommend the BBC Pride and Prejudice. It doesn't get better than that in my opinion.

I do love You've Got Mail, however.


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