Saturday, May 24, 2008

The Best Date Ever!

Today, Brian and I went out to celebrate. He said we could do anything I wanted. So..........I have never been able to go to the historical sites in downtown. I wanted a full day of church history. Here are some of our pictures of our day! I wish I could express to you how grateful I am for the experiences I had this day. As we hiked and walked around, we had deep discussions that will be priceless to me. We were really tight because of the budget. We didn't stay at Little America or do the normal things we usually do. It was about spending time together talking about the things we love and I would say hands down this has been the best day ever! The best part, we only spent $25 for the whole day and $1 of that went to a homeless man. We had dinner at Ruby River (which I was not able to catch on camera) and we ate at the Lion House for lunch. We saw the movie the Joseph Smith Story and it was free, Wahoo! We were not able to get in all of Temple Square, but hopefully soon we will be able to go back! It has been an absolutely wonderful day!


Annban10 said...

So cute!
Happy day to you!! What a great way to spend the day ~ And be very thrifty too! :) I think it's the times that you are thrify, that your more creative! I loved all of the pictures! Did you go to ensign peak? A few of the pict's looked like they were taken from there. Chad and I have a special memory about ensign peak!

Katie said...

Happy Anniversary! It is the times when you are the most creative that mean the most-at least to me they are. We too are on a really tight budget right now and what a great 'date night' activity! Thanks for sharing this special occasion with us all!


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