Sunday, July 20, 2008

Happy Birthday Brian!

Happy Birthday Brian!
33 years and you are going strong!
He has requested a low key birthday this year and so yesterday we went to the temple.
However, today I am baking a cake and if anyone wants to join us this evening,
Bring Some Ice Cream!
Happy Birthday Babe!
I love you!
33 things I love about Brian....
1. He is not only my husband, but my best friend.
2. He is a wonderful listener.
3. He loves to play and joke around with Shaeler.
4. He is a hard worker.
5. He is an honorable priesthood holder.
6. He has taught me to never give up.
7. He has a beautiful smile!
8. When he wears a blue shirt, his eyes become a piercing blue (normally they are hazel).
9. His sense of humor. Although he is quiet, he is really quite funny!
10. He lets me wear his shirts.
11. He loves to read, just like me!
12. He cooks breakfast on Sundays.
13. He can fix almost anything, if not he gets creative on his own version of fixing things.
14. His sock piles all over the house.
15. 2 minutes with Shaeler
16. When I am sick and vomitting, he is always right beside me trying to help.
17. His Primary stories. Brian is wonderful with the youth and he always comes home with great stories on Sunday.
18. His willingness to help anyone.
19. Holding hands with him.
20. He likes me!
21. 20 year old sweats that are so old the elastic is shot and he ties in a knot on his hip.
22. Holding on to him tightly on the back of the 4 wheeler.
23. He's a great kisser!
24. Yelling at him for trying to do doughnuts in my car.
25. Leatherby Runs
26. Prophet movies
27. Serving a mission in Alabama
28. Talking on the phone with him
29. Going grocery shopping with him. One pushes the cart, the other uses the calculator.
30. Cutting his hair
31. Late night talks
32. He is an incredible father
33. He loves me unconditionally!


Ann Marie said...

Happy Birthday Brian!
It was fun to read those things about him. He is an awesome, very charitable friend, and you are both the perfect match! I hope you have a good day!

Katie said...

Happy Birthday Brian! Thank you for being such a great friend and brother to my husband. And thank you Suzie for having us over last night. It's always fun just to sit and talk. And your $.97 cake turned out awesome! Remember though to take the cake from the short side of the pan and don't take a piece from the middle!

Kristen said...

I tagged you - my sincerest apologies. Check out my blog. And where's my cake?

Oh yea - happy birthday Brian!

Serena said...

Hey. I finally got a gmail so I could comment. I still have to do #24 with you guys! And next time you are down here will have to do a #25! (or there's always The Paris!)


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