Thursday, July 17, 2008

An Invitation to Wall-E

Next week for Shaeler's Birthday, I am taking her to see Wall-E. I will be doing the Matinee on either Tuesday or Thursday! All are invited to join us!


Ann Marie said...

Thanks for your well wishes, and I would appreciate it about the temple. Thanks! :)

It was a really fast decision. I met with the surgeon 2 days ago, and he thinks it's best if I hurry and get it out.

Have fun at the movie. If you guys do anything over the weekend of her birthday, let us know.

Katie said...

Thanks for the invite. I can only go if it's Tuesday. I work Thursday and if I get it off, Elie was invited to be in a parade in Bountiful. Let us know what and if you are doing anything for her birthday.


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