Wednesday, July 23, 2008

It Was the Best of Times, It Was the Worst of Times!

Yesterday, I was so excited to take Shaeler to Wall-e. I hurried home, we ate lunch, I got a new plant from work......things were going great. We got about half way through the movie when my phone rings. I didn't pick it up and then noticed it had a voice mail. I then listened to the voice mail because I knew that there would be no sound to listen.

It was the alarm company. My alarm had gone off! Oh No! So I got up and left the movie (leaving Shae with Katie, thank you Katie!) and started making phone calls. I called my neighbor to go over and check out the house and then I called Brian. He authorized the police to go our home and wanted me to leave immediately. I couldn't leave immediately, there were people there in the movie for Shae's birthday. So, I waited until the movie was over and then left very quickly (Sorry Katie for leaving so swiftly!)

I come home and find this:

And Yes, the worst part was my corn!

A hail storm hit our neighborhood and the hail beating against our garage window set the alarm off. Everything was fine in the home, most of the damage was the yard, specifically the garden. I was so crushed, that the wind and hail pulverized my garden. I just sit and stare at it. So, the rest of the afternoon we sulked and napped instead of getting ice cream and doing some birthday shopping.

I can say that the evening ended on a very HIGH note. My friend called me and told me that the Deseret Book had Handcart paper weights on sale and that I should run down there and get one. I was all set to go the next morning, when the door bell rang.

My friend brought me the paper weight as a gift. It is the most beautiful and exquisite thing I have ever seen.

It is 3 Dimensional and can be viewed on all sides. I cannnot believe the details on this little object! It is AMAZINGLY beautiful and totally made my day. Thank you, my friend! I owe you one!


Jenice Henrie said...

Sounds adventureous. How did Shae handle all the exciement? Any chance of the corn or bushes surviving?

The Dorsey Clan said...

Ok, I have been away from actual weather for too long. At first I thought someone had just dumped rock salt all over your yard. Then in the picture with the corn I noticed the dark clouds in the background and went *Uh oh!*

I am so sorry for all your beautiful plants.

Me said...

It was fun being with you guys and I'm glad that Shae was excited that we (the kids) came. We should really do that again before school starts. I am so sorry about all your plant damage. I know how excited you were about it and it breaks my heart. At least there wasn't any flooding like in Tville.

BTW, Happy birthday Shae!


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