Sunday, August 3, 2008

Breaking Dawn: My Review!

Attention! I am going to discuss Breaking Dawn and there could be some SPOILERS!
If you have not read or finished the book and do not want to be upset, come back and read this LATER!
Ok, I am still digesting all of this right now, but I am having mixed emotions about this book. First of all, I can say that the writing was very gripping to me and I had a hard time putting the book down. I did however set the book down a few times because I was upset. I am struggling right now with the direction that the book was taken. So let me vent about the things I had a hard time with.
1. Bella being pregnant. Umm..I thought Edward's body was dead. How on earth did he have live soldiers to get her prego. The only way I could get my mind to wrap around that one was that his men were frozen and once released into the warm environment they defrosted and they were alive? Am I grasping? Is that the conclusion you came to, too?
2. Renesmee. For some reason, the name kind of bothers me. It fits now that I am done with the book, but it seemed like the child was the best of both Edward and Bella and she names her Renesmee? I could see the struggle that if it was Renee and Esme being 2 seperate names and which one would be the middle, but blending them created something I felt did not fit with the beauty and powers of the child. I would have cheered on Meadow from their favorite time together or Hope, but those must be too obvious. I think what would have been cool is Edward's mother's name, Elisabeth. I did however come to accept the name to the character and I am at peace with it. Like that really matters. I do have to say in defense of the name, that I bet Meyer's wanted a one of a kind name! Well my friend, you found it!
3. Jacob imprinting Renesmee! For the love, that is what upset me the most. OK, first of all, EEEWWW! That would be like my old boyfriend falling in love with Shaeler. NO! It is not an age issue, that didn't bother me at all. It was the intense emotions Jacob and Bella had and now he wants her child. Not sitting well with me at all, not one bit. I guess if I were to have any complaints about this book, this is my biggest. I would have been just fine with Jacob being known to Renesmee as "Uncle Jacob" or something like that to be part of the family. But as the future son-in-law, no part of that clicked with me as now they were the complete family. Still working through that one, please feel free to express your opionion if you felt otherwise.
4. One more and then I am done. Edward and Bella and their "relationships" after the marriage. Was it just me or did it pass over the corny line that everytime they were left alone that they would head in that direction. Every time in the book they would end up alone and Stephanie would take them in that direction my mind would start playing Marvin Gaye's "Lets Get it On," in my head. I know they are newlyweds and that they thought they had very little time left together, however, it took all the mystery and the "untouchableness" of the relationship that I fell in love with in the previous books. I guess it was a too quick movement for me to have we can't touch it other to we can't keep our hands off of each other even though an entire evil clan of italian vampires are coming to destroy our lives. I don't know about you, but when the stress hits our house, the drives are turned down.
Ok, with that off my chest, I would like to talk about the things I did LOVE about the book.
I loved the weddding scene!! I could see it in my mind and I loved every minute of it. I loved the first night of the honeymoon and her stress of what to do and trying to figure it out in the bathroom. Totally relatable to that. I loved ALL of the vampires that showed up to help! Showing that friends and neighbors could have such a strong bond that can be as strong as family bonds.
I cried my eyes out in the Farewell scene when Bella was putting Renesmee on the back of Jacob so when the fight would start they could run. The dialogue and the hugging between the 3 of them. I guess that hit home for me because I have an only daughter and Brian and I just said our good byes to her because we sent her to Vegas. I loved the locket and the words "more than my own life." Totally can relate to that one with having a child of my own. The way Edward held her and kissed her when he said goodbye, totally how my husband would say goodbye to my daughter.
I also loved Garret's agency speech! Well done! Honestly, I didn't expect a huge war with the Voltori. When they had met in Italy, there was no blood bath and I wasn't expecting it to happen now. They are old men, too tired to fight or shall I say to "above" it to fight.
I knew that Bella was going to be bit and that they would have to be married in the last book for that to happen. I have been reading other reactions to the book and claiming that this book does not mesh with the other 3. My thoughts are "duh" people. You wanted the bite, which means the marriage which then takes it out of the teeny bopper issues into adult issues. The first 3 books are a high school mentality and issues. Marriage and a child make you grow up and you are not the same person you were before, even if you turn into a vampire. I'm glad Meyer's made her perfect as a vampire and that she saved the day at the end. She overcame her clumsiness and inadequecies to Edward and was his match. And instead of depending on everyone else to protect her, she FINALLY did the protecting herself because she had the power to do so! YES!!!! It is called progression people and I loved it!
My recommendation: Hmmm.....I did like the book but I think that I would not recommend reading it straight through from Twilight to Breaking Dawn. I would recommend reading the first 3 books and then reading the fourth one a little down the road. Maybe when you are married and have children of your own and can relate to it a little better. Again, still digesting this one and interested to see how the youth react. Will keep you posted!


Ann Marie said...

I am dying to read your review, but I still have more to read, so I will come back later! Check on it! :)

Lance and Amber said...

I have not read those books yet! My sisters love them, I started twilight and didnt finish it.. And now with two newborns not sure i will get much reading in.. maybe someday!

The Petersen Twins said...

Rose: "You got food in my hair!"
LOL. Serena and I keep quoting the book to eachother.

My favorite is:
Ed: Take the baby!
Jake: Throw it out the window!

LOL. Still haven't finished it so i kinda skimmed your ranting on the book. I agree 'bout the Jake and ..Nessie thing.

Notre Folle Vie said...

I read your blog as I was catching up on my homework and I found that no matter how hard I tried, I could not get the Marvin Gaye song out of my head. I instant messaged Brian for some help for a different song to put into my head and he has had nothing but fun all morning giving me different songs that go along with the "Lets Get It On" one. I will catch up on the book series right after I graduate and before the movie comes out. Thanks for a fun morning of songs and laughter.

By the way, Shae is doing great and playing in Morgan's room...very serious girl stuff, from what they told me as I checked on them.

<3 Janet

Me said...

I totally agree with all your points-the good and the bad. I didn't think much about how the baby was created-not that I didn't wonder, but it just wasn't much of an issue for me. I couldn't and still can't stand the name. It sounds like a brand of soap or something to me (picture some half naked chick standing in a shower with a spongey thing all lathered up and the backround playing besamee mucho). I'm ok with Nessie, so I'm glad that at least call her that most of the time. The Jacob thing totally grossed me out when I first read it. I heard a rumor about it before the book was released, but I thought it was just someone trying to play a practical joke on people. Everyone that I've talked to feels the same way too. I keep thinking about the movie (if there is one) and how awkward that would seem. You would get such a deep connection seeing the physical interactions between them all, and then Jake goes for an infant-Yuk! I also didn't care much for how the book was written. By that I mean how it was split in 3 different books. Maybe its just because I loved Twilight (and Book 1) didn't care much for New Moon (same with Book 2-Jacob) and Eclipse pulled it all together (Book 3-Bella). I would just rather have another Twilight to read.

On a positive note though, I really liked the ending. I thought that it tied up all the loose ends really well. And I absolutely LOVED the wedding! Remember, my dream is to become a wedding cordinater person. I also have to admit that I liked how she brought the sex into it without all of the details. There were parts that made me blush just be reading them. I have to agree though that I don't think this book fits the ages of 13-17 very well. I know that I wouldn't want my daughter to be reading about that material at 13. It is a good book though for the young to mid 20ish people.

Overall, I liked the book, but not loved it. I felt like it was a mix between the Host and Twilight. Twilight is still by far may favorite. There is something just captivating about the whole I-want-you-but-can-never-have-you feeling (much like our engagement). I am a wee bit dissappointed with the book, but thought that it did end nicely. I still think the Stephenie Meyer is an amazing writer. She is one of my favorite. She just sucks you right in and you can't put the book down.

You asked for my opinion, and I gave it. Sorry about the novel

Clarke and Kamie said...

I was happy to read your review of the book! I read Twilight and never read any further because I kind of felt like it was a "teenager" book--not that I am too mature for it or anything. It was good but I didn't fall in love with it like some people. Sounds like I might like this new one? Do you think I would be confused going straight from Twilight to this one?

Miss Megan said...


I agreed with you on a lot of the different likes/dislikes. I agree that the imprinting with Renesmee was a little on the strange side, but I felt more prepared for that than the pregnancy itself. I had a really hard time watching Bella martyr herself, and the instant and unhealthy friendship that she and Rosalie suddenly had. I think my BIGGEST frustration was that despite the fact that she was now a married woman she was still hanging with Jacob, snuggling on the couch with him and telling him she loved him. For some reason that did NOT sit well with me.

However, like you I loved the confrontation with the Volturi and that it ended peaceably. I also liked some of the other vampires as well. I loved that Bella finally felt like she was part of a family, and that she was able to protect them in the end. I also cried when she was saying goodbye to Jacob and Nessie. So sweet!

Anyways, thanks for your review. It's nice to hear my own sentiments echoed as well as some other things to pontificate over. Yeah for Stephenie Meyer!

Kris Doman said...

WHOAH - I couldn't believe it when I found out there were people out there who didn't love this book!! I thought it was sheer genius, and loved the whole thing: the baby, the imprinting, the lovin: EVERYTHING!! I felt like every event that happened in the book was the only way it could have happened, even though it still surprising the heck out of me. I loved how much every character had to grow up too. I loved it WAY more than NM and E. I'm so sorry you didn't enjoy it as much as I did (not that that is a bad thing, I was just surprised by your reaction.)

Ann Marie said...

I wrote my review on my blog. When you get back from camp, we'll have to talk. To much in depth to write about...

Kristen said...

Finally got my copy yesterday and 24 hours later I'm done. Whew! :) Your review cracks me up - "Let's Get It On". Ha!

Seriously I thought the book was great. Twilight was my favorite of the bunch but this comes in a close second. The whole Edward/live soldiers thing was explained somewhat and it made sense to me at the time. I'll have to go back and re-read that part.

Renesmeee's name didn't bother me. I like that Bella chose it because it was a family name - like Carlie for her middle name. Plus, like you said, it's unique, and this kid was one of a kind.

Jacob imprinting wasn't that weird to me. I think some readers get this picture in their head of a creepy older guy thinking icky thoughts about an infant. But reading about Quil and Claire and also getting Jacob's perspective I saw the imprinting thing as Jacob just wanting Nessie to ultimately be happy. Obviously when she's older they'll probably get together (does she have a choice in the matter?). It bothered me too that Bella was so touchy-feely with Jacob when she was pregnant and MARRIED. But the imprinting thing helped that all make sense. I think that's why Bella was somewhat attracted to Jacob - maybe it was in her genes?

I think Edward & Bella's "relationship" after they were married was funny. Like you talked about, the whole bathroom/island thing cracked me up. But Meyer totally built this up in the first three books. Bella & Edward could never get enough of each other so now that they were finally married, what was stopping them? Hey - if an evil clan of vampires is on it's way to kill you, you've gotta let off a little steam. :) I don't think this books fits in the same age category with the others - I don't think it's really appropriate for teens. I liked the more mature storyline though. It was nice to see Bella grow up and stop acting like a brat. She had some big decisions and problems to deal with and I thought she handled them well. I also liked her view on being a vampire.

Anyway, liked the book and your review!


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