Friday, August 15, 2008

Humility: A Priceless Virtue!

I have had the virtue of humility on my mind lately. When I was preparing the devotional for YW Camp, my mind kept wondering between Humility and Testimonies. Testimonies won because I had a much stronger feeling in that direction, but I just can't get the thought of humility out of my head. Is someone trying to teach me something here?
After much pondering and thought, I feel that humility is the foundation for all selfless acts. Serving, giving, loving, being a friend, faith, integrity, divinity, obedience, great leadership, and being non judgemental.
I have been trying to think to myself how or what I could do to be a little more humble in my life. I am certainly far from the "humble" example, but that doesn't mean that I am not going to try daily to develop the virtue within myself. I do know that humility is not tearing yourself down publically in front of people to be little yourself. That is not how God would want you to treat yourself.
So I pose the question for all of you: What is the most humbling act you have ever witnessed and how did it change your life?
I hope we all are a little more unselfish today, Go out and do something kind for someone else! Maybe one day, we will have the honor of being humble, until then, I say we just strive to somehow get there.
PS...Megan and Ann, this is the picture I was telling you about. Dying to know who the artist is, does anyone have a clue?


Ira Williams said...

Suzanne, you are not alone in having "humility on the brain". The truth is that humility is one of the most valuable yet least understood of all human virtues. It is almost countercultural today to think of others first.

That isn't to say, as you point out, that humility needs to come at the expense of our own dignity and self-respect. To the contrary, I've found that some of the most compelling leaders - in business, the church and in the broader community - were strong, effective and humble.

Full Disclosure: I've actually written and blogged on the topic of humility. Over the last 3 years or so, it has become a passion of mine to help people realize that we are truly at our best - and most Christ-like, I might add - when we are humble.

If you have time and interest, I'd invite you to read my essay "Speak Softly..." which can be found here:

And if you're really hungry for more, you can purchase my book on or on my own site. All proceeds go to charity.

Thanks again for your posting and thoughtful comments.

Ira Williams

Ann Marie said...

I love the picture.
How did you come across it?
Yes... I admire those who are very humble. I hope to aquire this virtue before I leave this earth!!


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