Monday, August 18, 2008

Stake Conference: Trying to apply the words of wisdom!

Last Saturday and Sunday we had our Stake Conference. I really enjoy Stake Conference other than having to deal with Shae for 2 hours instead of 1. We had a wonderful Stake Conference and I cannot tell you enough how much I adore our Stake Presidency. I feel safe and loved with these men and that they will guide us to great spriritual moments and wisdom. I am posting this blog to share the wisdom and warnings that were given to our Stake at this time. You may want to apply some of this wisdom to your own homes. We had 2 General Authorities at our Stake Conference, Elder Costa and Elder Pingree fully supported the topics. My suggestion, take heed....

It was very clear that the message was Food Storage, Finances and Missionary Work. I made a decision when I left yesterday that I was going to do something about what I was taught. First, Food Storage. We are plugging along and doing OK. I have a funky looking garden that is now ready to harvest and I just freak out on what to do. Ann told me what to do with the beans I planted. So today, I canned my beans. Also, while grocery shopping, I picked up about $50 worth of food storage at Macey's.

Working on Food Storage: Check

Next was our finances. I feel like we really have a lot under control here. I am watching every 2 weeks our debts dropping dramatically. My hope is to have our last debt, the car, paid for by November. It has been really hard to say no to alot of things and staying loyal and true to the budget. However, nothing was sweeter than to pay an extra $1000.00 towards my car today. The most exciting thing to me is that as soon as the car is paid for, all of this money I am putting into paying off debt will start going into a savings account for about 6 months for our emergency fund. Now that will be eye candy for me when opening my bank statements.

Working on Finances: Check

As for missionary work, this I truly have a passion for. Last spring when Brian and I went downtown to tour Temple Square, I had a regretful experience in the Brigham Young house. We were being guided by the missionaries through the home and one of the men in our group asked for a Book of Mormon to read. Weirdly enough, neither missionaries had a Book of Mormon for him and told him to call the number from a card they had in the house. WHAT?!? I am not sure why the missionaries do not have Book of Mormons with them on Temple Square at the Brigham Young house, but I kicked myself more as to why did I not have one on me. So, today, I tucked a Book of Mormon in my back pack that I carry with me all the time. I am praying for Heavenly Father to send someone my way that needs to read it and Voila, I will have one on hand. Now, if I can just be smart enough to recognize the opportunity.

Working on missionary work: Check

Now don't get me wrong, the checks do not mean complete work. To me they mean that I have began the process to a long road of being prepared. But just like the boyscouts, I want to BE PREPARED!

On a side note, as I am getting everything done today, Shaeler had a playdate with her friend from school and it turns out they really hit it off. The best part, she lives down the street from us and I could practically beg her mother to let her come and play everyday. And I bet she would be more than happy to get rid of her. My cup runneth over that Shaeler has a best friend!


Ann Marie said...

Yay! I saw your stay-good-for-100 years butter, and I was like " Sweet Suzanne! " This week was a good one to stock up on at Macey's. Great prepardness deals.

We are slowly but surely working on the finances. My gall bladder surgery bills are coming in, and I hate to see extra money go to that, and not to savings. I feel like I'm never going to get there. I just have to remember to have faith!

It sounds like your headed in the right direction! Way to go!

Lisel said...

Suzanne! How are you? I've visited your blog a few times since I saw the link on Kamie's blog, I hope you don't mind. I don't remember if I've commented before or not, but I just wanted to say Hi. It's been fun to see what you've been up to since long ago at EJH. Your daughter is adorable! Good reminders of things I should put more focus on!
- Lisel (Sorenson) Zito

Jenice Henrie said...

Please remember that your mom likes peaches and they are also a good food storage item. (jk) But you never know if I might be visiting when a disaster strikes and I really need my peaches. (haha)

Seriously, peaches are a good food storage item and your dad likes them too.

Jenice Henrie said...

P.S. Shaeler looks like she has really found a good friend.

Suzanne said...


Hey, long time no hear!! You are welcome to visit me anytime and say hi as much as you can. I would love to come and visit you, but you are protected. Is there a possibility you will invite me in? If not, welcome and hello!

Ok, I will start stocking up on peaches! (YUCK!) Do you prefer canned or store bought peaches. If canned, know anyone with a peach tree I could raid?


JENNIFRO said...

You are REALLY on the ball! Looks like you are doing just the opposite of me--with the check list and all ; )
Keep up the good work!

Lance and Amber said...

This is something that I need to get going at our house. Glad that your planning for your family. That is great too that Shae has found a fun friend. You mentioned she went to her school? Is Shae already in kindergarten? I didn't think she was that old yet... Time sure flies


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