Saturday, August 9, 2008

The Time of My Life!

I just got back from Girls Camp this year and I have to say, I had the time of my life! I think this was THE BEST girls camp I have ever been to! There is so much to tell and so little time, so I will share with you the highlights.

We drove up to Camp Lomia on Tuesday morning and it was BEAUTIFUL!! The trees and all of the grass was just breathtaking! The lodge was hidden in the trees and once we were inside, it was AMAZING to behold! The lodge was started in 1909 and finished in 1912. It is a hidden treasure in the mountains!

Our theme this year was "Princesses in Training." We had a ton activities to do around this theme. The first day we played games and we decorated crowns, flip flops and wands. The presidency gave a devotional about testimonies. Our treat that night was popcorn balls and I thought I had died and gone to heaven.

The second day we started the morning with a nature walk (alright who are we kidding, it was a hike). It was fun to try and get the girls distracted with my riddles when they were struggling up the mountain. We came back and had Princess Workshops. Becky dressed as Princess "Slaya" and talked about slaying the dragons in our lives. Chris talked about princess etiquette and how we should take care of our bodies and dress modestly. Tara talked about self image and accepting our body images and loving the unique princess traits we have. Caroline talked about being a Daughter of a Noble Birthright and how each girl is like a "pearl of great price."

That evening we had a devotional by the Camp Directors about the Parable of the Princesses and to Remember Who We Are. It was a beautiful story and I loved it! We then sat around the fire and cooked smores and starbursts. That was a first for me. We giggle into the night talking about boys, 32 flavors, holding hands, kissing, and how I met Brian.

The third day, Tara taught the girls Pilates and then Kim sent the girls on a Scripture Treasure Hunt. It literally was a treasure hunt that they used the scriptures to figure out the clues and actually dig up a buried treasure. That was a total blast! We spent the afternoon making YW value bead bracelets and then we had free time. We just sat out under the trees and enjoyed nautre. By then the Bishopric and Stake Presidency showed up and it was so neat to be able to sit and chat with them.

That night we had our Medevil Dinner outside the lodge. I don't have pictures of that yet, but we had a TOTAL blast! We had a Medevil meal with chicken, corn and potatos and NO UTENCILS! (If they were picky, we gave them some.) Then for the entertainment of the dinner and seperated the girls into 2 teams. Becky and I came out as the mascots of the team, myself dressed in a bunny suit and Becky dressed in a chicken suit. We would demonstrate the different events and I lost 3 out of the 4 events. She is one strong chicken!! It was so much fun to do the bunny hop and the chicken dance. After the tournament was over, Brother Brown gave us a devotional about having a strong testimony, Sister Nance talked about the "Immovables" and President Nance told a story. We then went into testimony meeting with highs and lows and testimonies. That night we had clouds and thunder rolling over us and Caroline was nervous and kept asking me to move our group back into the lodge. I told her we would be just fine. I had complete faith that Heavenly Father would take care of us! After an awesome testimoney meeting, we headed inside for a Sundae bar and the rain came down! Crazy!

I am so thankful for Leshel, Kim, Chris and Tara for all of their hard work in camp this year! It was a complete success and I did not want to come home! I absolutely LOVE going to girls camp, it is my favorite thing to do in Young Women's! We had a ball and it was a great success with the girls! The air was feeled with love and kindness. We had mailboxes outside the lodge and they were constantly full of love notes from each other. It was an AMAZING experience and a memory I will never forget!


Clarke and Kamie said...

looks and sounds like you had a great time! The YW probably adore you. I bet that calling keeps you quite busy. I have great memories of our own girls camps. Good times. I remember once when you got to come late? or something and you were freshly showered with makeup and hair done and we were all like "boo! you suck!" remember that?

Me said...

It looks like you had a great time. I guess I don't really know what I missed as a young woman, but seeing all the pictures and hearing all the stories really makes me wish that I had gone to at least one girls camp. I'm glad you had fun and that your back safe.

I bet that Brian really missed you too!

Ann Marie said...

Glad you had such an incredible experience with the girls!

I'm glad I worked with a few of them at the rodeo. They really are good girls!

Lance and Amber said...

Glad you had fun. I have tagged you go to my blog to see what to do!

The Petersen Twins said...

Awww... Memories of girls camp just flooded back to me! I was never excited to go but always sad to leave. You shoulda takin your geetar and sung camp songs! I guess there's always next year!...

Amber Burt said...

That looks like my kind of camping. How come we couldn't have done that when I was in???

Kristen said...

Oh - you're killing me smalls. I'm so bummed I missed this. Love all the photos.

Stefani said...

I apologize for blog stocking. Hopefully you will get this and maybe able to help me out. I am in the Young Womens pres and we are preparing for girls camp. We have a similar theme this year and i want to take the girls on a scripture scavenger hunt. Any chance you can remember what things you did? I have never been to camp lomia before and am not sure what places they can go. If you are able to help, please email at Thank you so much! Looks like your girls had a blast!



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