Monday, September 8, 2008

The Carousel at the Zoo!

Last Friday, my cousin Lacey and I decided to take our children to the zoo. We have been there so many times that I didn't want to post the normal pictures that we always take, HOWEVER the zoo has a new carousel that is totally AWESOME!!! So we bought tickets and all hopped on.
Shaeler picked out a Lion to ride and when I looked down to see the name plate below, I had to chuckle a little of the irony of the name. There were 40 something animals and this is who she picked.

Here is a picture of everyone. Shaeler on "Brian the Lion" and Lacey, Sammy and Jeremiah riding the peacock. Didn't catch the name of the bird.

She has become such a big girl. She did not want me to hold on to her and she just kept smiling as she went up and down.

These are my most favorite shots of the day. It looks like the two of them are looking at each other like "holy cow, we are tiny next to this gorilla shadow."

But what is actually happening is Shaeler stood there first and then Sammy wanted his turn and slowly slid Shaeler out of the way. She is looking at him, wondering what he is doing and he just looks at her straight in the eye as he pushes her out of the way. Very smart little guy and very sly!

This is right before we hopped on the train ride. Shae and Sammy were swinging on the rails having a ball!

I love the new carousel and it was so much fun to go back up to the zoo! The animals are a little more active in the afternoon and the kids had a ball!


Ann Marie said...

I can't wait to go there soon! I havent been this year yet, and now I'm looking forward to it.
We usually go in the fall when it is less crowded, and it's not so hot.
Shae would love Lagoon! :)

Me said...

I haven't been to the zoo for quite awhile. Everytime I go I always wonder why I did. It's not the same place that I remember as a kid and last time we went, the kids got really bored. We'll have to check it one more time though with the new additions. Thanks for telling us about it.

Mo said...

I just have to say, Shaeler is one darling girl!
We really need to get up to the zoo. We haven't been this year and I think Carlie would really love it!

Lance and Amber said...

Oh, I love the zoo and can't wait until my kids are old enough to go and enjoy it! Shae is so darling.. I can't believe how much she looks like you and your mom! Sweet little girl.

Notre Folle Vie said...
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Notre Folle Vie said...
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Notre Folle Vie said...

*sorry, my internet keeps timing out when I try and post a comment.*

It looks like you, Lacey and the kids had a blast.

In response to your comment, I really appreciated you sharing that with me. I didn't dare take the kids to church with their cold. Our ward is the type that if your kid sneezes they look at you like you are the worst parent ever for not taking better of your child and then how dare you think you above everyone else to spread such a plague to the other've visited before, you know what I mean.

We miss Shae so much and the kids have a countdown going on until she comes for a visit. It is hard to explain the way she lightens up both mom's and my house when she is here. You have raised a very sweet and loving little girl.

JENNIFRO said...

Really cute pictures of your little girl!

Lacey said...

I have been falling behind on my blogging so I thought I would take a break today and check things out. I love the pics, they are great. We had a fun time hanging out with you two and I can't wait to do it again. =)


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