Tuesday, September 30, 2008

My Favorite Thing about Fall!


One of my favorite things about fall is Carmel Apples!! When I was a child, my dad always made home made carmel around Halloween time.

It is to DIE for Carmel!!

Now that my parents live in Las Vegas, not getting the carmel or carmel apples I use to adore!

Until 3 years ago, when I found the

Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory!

Not only do they have carmel apples and all other yummy chocolates, but they have a variety of carmel apples that are to die for!

My favorite is the Apple Pie Carmel Apple: Green apple dipped in carmel, they dipped again in white chocolate, then sprinckled with I am not sure if it is cinnamon or allspice or what?

(My thighs quiver just thinking about it!)

Today, I took Shae to get her hair cut at the District and


There is a NEW

Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory there!!

I know where I am going after dinner on Saturday!


Mo said...

Thanks a lot..... NOW I'M CRAVING A CARAMEL APPLE! Where on earth am I going to get a good one here, in the middle of nowhere!

Lance and Amber said...

I am with you! I love that same caramel apple, yummy... I have actually been to the one at the district as well.

Ann Marie said...

This post is just plain mean. The little bit of cash in my wallet is going to calling to me all day tommorow to go over there and buy an apple. I have never craved carmel apples until this year. I'm sure after I try one, I will be visiting weekly! :)
Glad you shared the info..
I think...

Natalie said...

Terrible, Suzanne. Just terrible. If you keep putting up posts like this one, I will surely have to remove you! This does nothing for the diet. Nothing! I think I have only ever had 1 caramel apple, and that was probably 2 decades ago. hmmm...if I'm ever over by there, I may have to splurge. Terrible.

Notre Folle Vie said...

I read your post and I literally started to drool. Brian asked what on earth I was reading. I turned my laptop so he could see and he said "Now thats just evil... I'm going to go make some cookies."

Thank you ever so much for this post. I got cookies tonight and I'm sure I will have no problems convincing dad to make some carmel apples while Shae is visiting.

HA! Now who is evil? MUUUAAAHHH!

Clarke and Kamie said...

ohhhhhh an apple pie rocky mountain apple. wow. my fav too. The only place in the world they are better is in Downtown Disney--if you are ever there, try a caramel apple. Delish!

Jenice Henrie said...

The receipe is Grandma Henrie's for caramel. All you have to do is cook it a little longer to a harder ball stage and then dip your apples. I will get you the receipe. But basically it is water, sugar, carol syrup, canned milk, and butter. The big deal is patience while it cooks.

If you need the receipe before we get back, ask Grandma Henrie or Joyce. Or, you could call you dad while I am gone.

You should be able to make 6 to 8 caramel apples for the price of one at the Rocky Mountain place. You might want to make them for your Girls night as a surprise.

You might already have the receipe. When we moved from Utah I distributed some of my cookbooks. If you have a cookbook that is written on a three-ring notebook, it has the receipes that Joyce gave me when Bob and I got married. The receipe is in there and I can't find it here.

Good luck and thanks again for letting Shaeler come to play with us for the weekend.

JENNIFRO said...

Dang!!! I'm sold. I have got to get makin' some of these! I didn't know your parents live in Vegas. Maybe they know mine?! ; )


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