Thursday, October 23, 2008

4 of 4 Tag!

Janet tagged me a little while ago on doing my 4 of 4 picture. So here you go:

This was a picture taken at Christmas, oh about 3 years ago. Shaeler was still tiny and I could only put up plastic snowflakes on the tree or she would demolish anything else that was on it.

This picture haunts me all the time! I see it everyday here at work. Klaus, the guy who fixes our computers put it as my background on my computer because he thinks its the best background I have. I told him, I really don't need to stare at myself everyday, thank you very much!

I am sure you are asking why I have a picture of myself on my work computer. Well, they wanted my mugshot for our company website, and I did not want to have professional pictures to pay for, so I gave them this one. And right now it is my facebook picture. I know, I need to change some things for a little variety. Oh well!

So there you go! Me mugshot of me on my 4th folder - 4th picture! Tag to anyone that wants to play!


Suzanne said...
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Notre Folle Vie said...

This picture makes me want to put up the christmas trees. Plus it is one of my favorites of you.
<3 Janet

Me said...

I agree with Janet-it's getting me in the Christmas mood. Great picture though. I'll be doing this tag this weekend-although it isn't as festive as yours-kind of depressing actually.

Ann Marie said...

At least it's a good picture. I'm kind of afraid when I do this tag what it will be..
I forgot that your Christmas tree looked like that.. :)
It's getting me in the mood for Christmas too.. Next week they'll be playing the music!!

Miss Megan said...

You have a Facebook? Add me!!!


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