Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Crazy Corn Maze

Last night we went with the youth to the

It was my first time to EVER to go in a corn maze!! I had been so excited all day because I was told earlier that day that our group could go in the HAUNTED portion of the maze also!

Here are some of our girls waiting outside with EXTREME excitement to be able to go into the


This is a shot of me and R! R is an extremely beautiful young woman. She is only with us for about 125 more days and then she goes home. This kid has such a spirit about her and she has proven that she is a young responsible, lovely young woman. She is hiliriously funny and I will so miss her when she leaves. And also, she is the only Laurel that showed up!

An actual LIVE shot of the young women walking in the maze.

oooooohhhhhh, are you scared and lost yet?

Like I said earlier, we were able to go to the haunted portion of the maze and trust me, it scared me to death!
Please scroll down to see--


No seriously, this is not the haunted portion, but probably the scariest place I can think of EVER!!

R and I stopped before we went through the actual haunted portion so we wouldn't
"wet our pants."

Yeah, turns out that it wasn't really that scary, but I sure got a great laugh out of the screaming young women. Ha Ha!

As we headed back to my car, someone had smeared Halloween Sugar Cookies on my window!

Yeah, I was pretty angry and got nasty about it!

Overall, we had a BALL at the MAZE! Hats off to the Young Men who organized the activity! It was a really warm night and we had lots of laughs, love and a great Halloween feel from it all!

Go Check out
The Crazy Corn Maze!


Mo said...

Looks like fun! I'm not much for being freaked out, so that's right up my alley.

Mackenzie said...

Looks like lots of fun! You should take Shae to Cornbelly's @ thanksgiving point. A Blast! that the little nasty man hiding behing the yucky smashed cookie?

Suzanne said...

Winner! Winner! Chicken Dinner!! Yay, Mackenzie wins her favorite candy bar. Please email me or when I talk to you, let me know what you like!

DO NOT FRET for those that feel like they lost. The Nasty Little Man is in another picture! He He!


Ann Marie said...

Oh your friend beat me! Darn it!
That's what you get for playing all day huh??
Nasty little man is "peeking" also between the YW girls legs. Sneaky little guy!
So, did he do the sugar cookie?

Suzanne said...


Ann - Is my second WINNER of the DAY!!! Ann, you too need to tell me what candy bar you are in the mood for and I will get it for you!

BE SURE to keep those eyes wide open for the Nasty Little Man! Oh, he's out and he's looking for some joy!

Mo said...

Suzanne, I'm not sure about the crayon. Derrick got some spilled candle wax (red) out of our carpet in Santaquin by puting butcher paper (regular white type paper would proabably work too) over it and then ironing it on LOW heat (the wax melts into the paper). Our carpet was a burber, so I wouldn't try it if you think your carpet may melt?? I think it left some of the color and he scrubbed(over and over) with oxy clean and hot water. Good luck!

Haley said...

Suz you look great!

Natalie said...

Dumb. I guess I need to check your blog earlier in the day.

Lance and Amber said...

That little nasty man is hillarious!! I love how you hide him!

Clarke and Kamie said...

oh my gosh I will have nightmares tonight thinking about the man in your car! seriously!

Miss Megan said...

I'm guessing it was probably one of the young men who smeared that cookie on your window - I swear ours boys are always doing stuff like that. Lol. Looks like a lot of fun!

jill said...

What a wonderful leader you are Suzanne! You can tell that you love those girls so much!

What fun activity....


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