Sunday, October 26, 2008

Family, isn't it about Time!

Shae: "Mommy, I love you and I love my life."
Me: "Thanks Shae, I love you too!"
This message has been brought to you by the Church of not really, but it felt like it!


Jenice Henrie said...

She is so cute and growing up so fast. I miss all of you.

Me said...

I love when Elie comes up to me-out of nowhere-puts her arms around me and tells me that she loves me in that cute, innocent, voice of hers. That is a darling picture too.

Mackenzie said...

What an adorable picture!

It was fun to see you on Saturday. Let's do it again soon.

Ann Marie said...

Cute! Cute!
Favorite Mommy Moments!

Mackenzie said...

That cracks me up about Shae. Maybe the can be a little betrothed couple...we'd be attached FOREVER!!

Brian was pretty smart to be strategic about the candy bar. I can see him leaning over in the Temple "Suz, I am so grateful that you are my eternal companion. By the way, I ate the candy bar. Now I am going to pray, so don't interrupt me." Hahahaha!

Don't have a Christmas plan about a Wii Fit? I can justify it now what with all the training to do for the marathon!!!

{Mo} said...

So cute! Kidddo's are the best when they are being sweet!

Miss Megan said...

Lol. A - ha ha! Thank you. *wiping tears* I needed that!

JENNIFRO said...

Clever! and soooo cute!


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