Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Defending the Constituition

We The People ...

are heading out to our voting locations and casting our vote as to who will be the next leader of the United States of America. I am now proudly displaying my "I Voted!" sticker and I am hoping that my fellow blogging friends have voiced their own opinions and voted themselves. I have no control as to who will be celebrating victory tomorrow however, I do pray that the man that stands to be the next President has enough humility to know that he is not the greatest man in this nation and he needs to listen more than speak.

I have had the opportunity to prepare myself a little differently this election round. In my studies, I have found that the constitution of the United States of America is truly inspired. It was created for a great nation and nations will continue to follow its principles and wisdom.

I have come to a realization that all of us should be a defender of the consitution. It is not flawed, the people are. It is not for days of old, it applies now. The constitution is a beautiful document and if you haven't read it lately, then I highly recommend it. I have a personal copy if you would like to borrow it!

Tonight, I will pray again, please Heavenly Father, let the man that will be most receptive to Thy will be elected. If not, so help this nation!


Ann Marie said...

It's about time! I've been checking all throughout the day for a new post... I could have just called, but I just had to say that I'm sorry we missed you yesterday! That was sweet of Shae to leave a treat for Christian, and I am enjoying my M&M's. Thanks! :)

Ok now for the post.. I completely agree, but I do feel that it is not going to be whom I voted for, and it kinda scares me. I'm just grateful to know that no matter who steps into the white house, I will always know a President who will be honest,optimistic,and never lead me down the wrong path. What a blessing it is to have Pesident Monson lead and guide us in our church.

We have the constitution hanging in our office. It is a sacred document, and I wish more people fought to defend it...

PS: I love your new header!!

Jenice Henrie said...

It is great that you feel so strong about the Constitution. They are offering free food if you wear your "I voted" sticker here in LAS. Free cupcakes, Krispie Creams, Starbucks, and Ben and Jerry Ice Cream.

I was interviewed on my way out from voting by a "Newsweek" reporter. I hope he forgets everything that I said. He laughed a lot at me and wrote things down and recorded our conversation. I don't remember what I said, but I am sure that I made a fool of myself. Oh well. At least I voted.

Mackenzie said...

Amen, Sister. The Constitution is an inspired document and the downfall of our nation will be the discounting and falling away of that document. We as "the people" have the resposibility to know the document and elect those who we feel are most capable of upholding it. I pray the man that was just elected is a God fearing man who will listen to the Spirit as he guides our nation through these difficult times.


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