Sunday, November 9, 2008

Into the Woods

Last night, Brian and I were able to attend a musical at the Hale Center Theatre called
Into the Woods!

My co-worker Cherilyn plays the Wicked Step Mother in the play and so my work gave Brian and I 2 tickets to go and see her perform! I must say she did an excellent job. Cherilyn is one of the original BYU Young Ambassadors and she has quite the talent. She tried out to be the Witch, but was casted as the Stepmother instead. I think she would have been a great witch.

Some of you may not know this, but my husband is not a HUGE musical fan. Every time I take him to a play, he gets extremely tired and looks like he is going to fall asleep. This time was no exception, but I always drag his little tush with me so I can MAKE him be appreciative of the arts.

Into the Woods is a twisted story of all of the Brother's Grimm characters combining together. It had Little Red Riding Hood, the wolf and grandma, Cinderella and he Wicked Stepmother and Stepsisiters, a Baker and his Wife, Rupenzel and a witch, Jack and the bean stalk, 2 prince charmings and a partridge in a pear tree.

The baker and his wife are not able to have chidren because of a curse the witch had put on them and so they go on a quest for 4 items to give to the witch so she will break the curse. During their journey's they anger a giant and the giant takes havoc on the kingdom. The story is so complex, that is as simple as I can make it.

My favorite scene is when the 2 Prince Charming Brothers run into each other in the woods. They start describing the maidens they are in love with and are perplexed because they cannot get them. One prince charming is in love with Rupenzel and is distressed that there are no doors or stairs to get to her and the other prince charming is chasing after Cinderella to find her after the ball/festival. Here is the song they sing in their conversation about being fascinated with these women.

I was laughing so hard, I almost peed my pants. (The Blatta was full at the beginning of the play, so I was literally squeezing quarters!)

I loved Into the Woods and if you have a chance to ever see it! I highly recomend it!


Lacey said...

I always try to get Jake to take me to the Opera. I love opera and he is less than enthusiasctic. Lately he has always found an excuse not to go. Any advice on getting the hubby to go along?

Suzanne said...

There have been a couple of times that he wasn't able or did not want to go. So I took a friend with me instead! -Suzanne

Ann Marie said...

How fun for you both!!

Chad and I don't do a whole lot of plays and such..He really doesn't mind them. I'm not sure that it's his favorite, but he'll go.
I enjoyed plays alot when I was younger..
I love Hale Center Theater.

Mackenzie said...

I love this one too! Stephen Sondheim is one of my faves and this is from a time where he didn't take himself so seriously.
If Brian won't go, you can count on my to be your dates!!!! Opera is fantastic too, but I prefer musical theatre any day. Wicked is coming next year and I can't wait!!

Miss Megan said...

"Agony!" Lol. Ha ha.

That is my favorite song from the play too. Into the Woods is one of the best musicals, and quite possibly the most underrated.

We have actually been planning to go see Into the Woods at the Hale Theater since the beginning of the year (we bought Mike's sister a gift card for Christmas this year, and this is the play they wanted to see). We are headed up there next Tuesday night. I can't wait! In the meantime I am going to pop in my DVD of Into the Woods to get me in the mood.

I'm so glad you liked it, and I will be sure to look out for the step-mother. :)

JENNIFRO said...

I have always wanted to see this--ever since I heard some of the songs years and years ago....


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