Friday, November 14, 2008

Shae Day! Madagascar 2

For Shae day this week, Shaeler wanted to go and see Madagascar 2! Every time we hear the song "I like to move it, move it!" she starts wiggling her little tush and dancing around the house. So off to the theatre we went.

No thanks to Honey Nut Cheerios for putting Madagascar toys inside the cereal box. Now they put them on the outside of the plastic. FINALLY!! Do you remember digging your paws in the cereal box and getting in trouble for not waiting and placing your germy hands on everyone else's breakfast?

We almost had the entire theatre to ourselves until the last minute another family walked in. I found the movie a delight and my favorite part was the penguins. They are brilliant!

Overall, I liked the movie! Shae had a blast and that is what is most important! Happy Shae Day Shae!


Miss Megan said...

I haven't even seen the first one, but I've heard they are pretty good. However, I have seen the music video of "Move it, move it" and all the kids in the room were dancing their little hearts out. It was pretty darn cute!

Ann Marie said...

It's so fun to see what you do each week with Shae. Glad the movie was enjoyable. I will get around to it sometime...

JENNIFRO said...

It's so great you do this every memories.

Jenice Henrie said...

I liked the penguins best too. Janet like the king (suggested the sacrifice and rode 1st class). Morgan and Robert loved the whole thing.

I can't wait until it is on DVD. This is one that I want to keep.

We can't wait to have Shaeler here for a few days and then seeing you and Brian. I am planning Saturday unless inventory drops. See you soon.


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