Wednesday, November 19, 2008

We awoke with Heavenly Visitors on the mantle!

And they are MAGNIFICENT!


Ann Marie said...

Were these a gift, or did you buy them??

Lots of people are already decorating. I have the itch to do it so bad, but have to wait until the party is over. :(

Clarke and Kamie said...

I'm busting ALL my decor out this weekend. And my house is insane--I have TWO huge trees and garland everywhere--Clarke thinks I am a crazy woman.
You are so famous on you tube! You sounded so professional, I didn't recognize it was even you!

Suzanne said...


I bought them 2 days after Christmas last year and have been waiting almost a year to bust it out. It was actually a pleasant surprise. I was expecting 6" figurines and they are 10-12"tall. They are beautiful! I LOVE THEM!


If you call 59 views of the video famous, then alright, I'll take that ride with you! Ha ha!


Notre Folle Vie said...

Those are absolutely beautiful. I wasn't going to decorate until Dec. 1, but I am now inspired. Think I can convince Brian of this?

Carrie said...

I understand that I may just be struck by lightening for saying this, but it would have been increadibly funny if that creepy little man was peering around the corner.

Other than that - the figurines are beautiful. Feel free to come and decorate my house when you are done.

Suzanne said...

Oooohhhh! I should have done that! -Suzanne

JENNIFRO said...

Simply lovely (and festive) !


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