Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Bless You All!

Thank you to all that helped me today with your beautiful ideas and thoughts. I had forgot to mention that during my time in between my "Need Help" post and dinner, I had to get Shae to the ER to get her stitches out and then I had a hair appointment which usually takes 4 hours. By the time I got home to see the wonderful ideas that had been posted, I had 1 hour and 30 minutes to throw something together and get dinner cooking and get myself ready for the evening. I needed something fast and furious!

Have I also mentioned that I don't entertain very much. The 2 parties I have had inside my home was Shae's baby blessing and 1 Friend Christmas Party. Decorating and entertaining are not my forte. I would love to do more, I just do not have the conviences to be able to pull it off.

For example, this is my Christmas tree. It has taken me 9 years just to get this little bit of decor for 1 tree. I am not fond of my tree, but what I do like is that it is a work in progress. Just as entertaining others is for me. I tell you this because I have a dream that one day, I will have collected so many wonderful items each year that my tree will be amazing! And one day, I would love to have wonderful parties at my home that people enjoy the food, friends and atmosphere.

With the few things I do have, I knew that I could depend on the bright and intelligent brains around me to help me with the centerpiece of my table. The winner is: Ann! She was the closest one on the post and even did a follow up call to make sure I had some idea of what to do and how to do it! How nice is that? With her help, I went a little rustic with the garland, pine cones, a little berry and I added the candles. Nothing fancy, but it worked!

Thanks again to all of the comments. They were all lovely ideas and I would have done them all if I could, but I had limited time and resources! Bless you All! Ann, I have a special gift for you!

PS - Thank you to my dearest friend for allowing me to borrow her chairs. I only have 4 chairs!! How sad is that? Thank you again for the lovely chairs! You are the best!


Ann Marie said...

I really don't need a gift.. I just enjoy being a "little" help!

The table looked REALLY good. I wouldn't just say that either. Simple is good. Over-decorating can just look messy. I know you are intimidated by it all, but you really pulled it off!

Your tree looks nice too. I hope the dinner was nice and pleasant-- and not a bit stressful!

See you friday!! ~ At least your not in charge..

Me said...

I'm glad that it turned out good. Ann is always a good source for that stuff. I didn't notice your new post until it was too late, and we (jordan and I called) but you were already off on your fun evening.

I love your tree too. It takes awhile to gather stuff, which is why I try every year to just buy one thing. That way I'm not overwhelmed with the expense and I remember everything because there isn't much to remember. I always loved my mom's house at Christmas, but it took her 30 years to gather it all. Hopefully one day I'll be there too.

{Mo} said...

Suzanne...the table looks lovely! I agree with Ann, simple is always better. Most of the time I just end up with food as my centerpiece and it's never pretty.
Your tree looks great. I haven't even put mine up?!?! It's been cut for well over a week and is just sitting out in the snow :(
We only had 4 chairs until last year about this time and we added a bench instead of trying to cairs that matched.

Suzanne said...

Hmm...I guess none of you looked at my tree that closely! Oh well! -Suzanne

Jenice Henrie said...

Upon closer look and without any clues, there is an ugly old man about 2/3 the way up the tree. It's the holiday, ugly old men are not on our minds.

P.S. I'm dropping the Petersens at the airport early tomorrow morning. They are going to stay with Gaylene and Howard. Not sure if you were aware.

Suzanne said...

MOM is the WINNER WINNER WINNER! The nasty little man is in the tree! Ha ha!


Serena contacted me and we might get together somehow? I am hoping they call me when they are here.

JENNIFRO said...

Bummed I missed all this! It looks like you did a fabulous job with your dinner. I too, know how you feel--entertaining is SO not my strong point. I feel like when I actually do it and really prepare I CAN do it--but it's usually such a source of stress for me I avoid it altogether. Well done chicky!


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