Thursday, December 18, 2008

A Tradition that Must Be Carried On- Christmas Caroling!

Last night we went with the youth Christmas Caroling. In years past, the primary of our ward started this tradition and now the YM/YW have decided to carry on the tradition when the Primary was all to eager to let it go.

Oh, the moans and groans I heard. After I gave myself a pep talk, Oh, the moans and groans I heard from the youth about this. It's too cold, no one likes to sing or no one sings together....on and on and on!

However, we put on our coats, gloves, mittens, hats and loaded up on the Bowler trailer with hay and began singing Christmas songs in the church parking lot.

As we are driving through the neighborhood which felt like 35 mph which then drop the wind chill down to -12, I was touched at listening to the youth and leaders laughing and singing on this cold metal trailer with hay. It doesn't matter what you do, if you are in good company and have the right attitude, any moment can become magical.

The moment that I will never forget is the image of families coming to their door and listening to us sing (off key) and then applaud when we were done. Right then and there, with family and children at the door in their jammies, the Christmas spirit came alive.
It was alive and well and it was a glorious thing to experience.

We stopped in front of the Burt home to chant out "lights, lights, lights" because while the Burts were away on vacation, their good friends changed the U of U color bulbs of red and white to BYU color bulbs of blue and white. Apparently, Brother Burt has now become a scrooge and is refusing to turn his lights on anymore. Or my other favorite was stopping in front of the Glassy home and singing Mailei kimiki maka (sp?) to them as they are leaving us in a month to move to Hawaii'.

We laughed, we sang, we chanted, we froze and as I walked in the door and Brian greeted me with a "how did the night go?" My reply was a heart felt "It was wonderful, I am so glad we did it and this is something we need to do every year."

And then he helped me pick hay out of my rear.

So this holiday season as you are delivering those neighbor gifts, I highly reccomend singing a carol with the delivery. It will add a great meaning to the gift and you will bring the Christmas Spirit even more.


Kristen said...

Okay, two things:

1. Brian was still awake when you got home?

2. "Hay in the rear" was hilarious. :)

Me said...

Kristen was right-Brian was still awake? I laughed the hardest at that reply.

How fun for you. Trae was asking me last night if we were going to do that and I had to tell him no (with my hear breaking alittle) and then explain it was because no one would go with us. So bravo to you and your ward for creating such a wonderful memory.

Ann Marie said...

So glad you found Joy in the Journey!

Suzanne said...

Kristen and Katie!

I know! Even Brian was surprised that he was awake. He had fallen asleep, but upon my arrival, he was stirred up and could not fall back asleep. I think it was the Dunford Donut that called his name as I was pulling in the garage! Very rare for him to be awake!


Carrie said...

I love it! Even though I would probably be one of the ones murmuring about having to go. At least I can admit it though!

{Mo} said...

We always did this witht he YM/YW when I was growing up... in fact I saw the kids come by last night. But I must admit.... I was a grumbler :( I just don't really love being cold?
I did love it when my Grandma would play the piano for us and her 4 girls and all their girls would gather around and sing. Chrismas just isn't the same since Grandma passed away. I inherited her piano and I each time I walk by, I wish I could hear her play those Christmas songs. I truly regret that I didn't try at piano lessons now....there is just something magical about Christmas music!

JENNIFRO said...

HA! HA!! I had to do a double read on the "pick hay" comment that was hilarious! I'm glad you had success with this. We also did this in YWYM for years and I'm not sure I would say it was ever all that successful.......; ) I however, LOVE good caroling!


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