Friday, January 2, 2009

My Brilliant Friend and Weight Loss!

Are you trying to lose a little weight with the new year beginning?
I have a BRILLIANT friend that came up with the most amazing idea for weight loss, getting in shape or eating right. Her sight is called Skinny Service and it is the most amazing concept I have ever heard.

This is how it is played. You sign up and become part of a colony of woman who are also trying to lose weight and get healthy too. Everyone has an identity of a bug so your identity is withheld. You email to her your weight loss goals and what you are or are not doing in eating and weight loss (don't worry, she has a questionarre for that). She then emails you back where to start and a goal for you to accomplish within 3 months. Here is the best part.

Everyday you do what you are suppose to do, you earn points. Those points are tallied every 3 months and you get to choose a prize that everyone and you have donated to be able to play the game. From the list so far, there are massages, gift cards, homemade crafts, lessons, meals and so on. It reminds me a lot of the service auctions that we participate in in Relief Society. So instead of paying a trainer hundreds of dollars of money, you pay in a donation of service and you earn your own prize that goes along with your weightloss.

Anyway, to be able to earn your points, you have to be accountable by email everyday on what you did. We also can comment to each other after the blog posts and be supportive for one another. So there is accountability and a whole new group of friends.

I love this idea! It motivates me! It excites me! It allows my competitive spirit to come alive!

So, if you are interested in joining the club, go to and let her know that I sent you. It gives me points! hehe!


Mackenzie said...

Yeah for new 2009 goals! what a fun concept.

Me said...

That really is a neat idea. Too bad I can't do it right now.

Natalie said...

Brilliant!! Absolutely Brilliant!!

Ann Marie said...

Wow! Your friend is cool to be doing this! I love the idea!
Let me know how you like it!!??

Notre Folle Vie said...

I have my support system all lined up and I am ready to loose the weight I have put on over the last year. *Looks at mom* I have bought my swim gear, your next mom. ;)

JENNIFRO said...

I've heard of people doing this sort of thing and really loving the set up. Very cool. GOOD LUCK!

{Mo} said...

What a great idea! I really should do it.... but I think I need to be a bit more motivated, I know I need to, I want to, and I know I'd feel better if I did, but I just can't seem to make myself do it?...I'll get there, soon, I hope?


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