Monday, January 26, 2009

New Finds and a couple thoughts!

You know, I am surrounded by some BRILLIANT people!! My new find this week that I want to share is:

A customized Day Planner from Walmart


This brilliant little plan must be given with all credit to my friend Kristen.

Kristen "the Walmart hater."

She was at a meeting with me and she whips out her dayplanner with her gorgeous little boy on the cover. "Where did you get that?" I exclaimed with glee!

She then informs me that the Walmart Photo lab makes custom dayplanners for dirt cheap.

"But you hate Walmart?" Yes, yes, she does! However, she will buy the day planners from them.

So, the beginning of the year rolled around and I debated. $60 to refill my Franklin OR $13.95 for a custom day planner!! We have a winner, winner chicken dinner!

So, I slapped on my favorite picture, had it printed up and then had Kristen mouth to me "copy cat" at church when she noticed my new arrival sitting on my lap.
Whatever! Thanks for sharing!
Also, yes, I am back from my blogcation and I have lots to share with you while I was gone. 3 book reviews, some new thoughts I want to share, and I won an award. After pondering a long time about the time and effort I put into the blog world, I have come to a conclusion:
1. I will post when I feel inspired and not feel guilty when I do not post.
2. I will comment when I feel like it, and I will stay away from negative blogs.
3. I appreciate all of my blogging friends and have found that I am happiest when I can interact with all of you and be expressive in my own way.
I am so excited to get things rolling again, and I missed you all!


Carrie said...

HIP, HIP HOORAY!!!! You are back. Maybe you can pull me out of my negative slump! I think I may just go and copy cat too, after all - imitation is a form of flattery isn't it?

The Faithful Girl said...

That is awesome. I might have to go to Wal-Mart and make one of those!

{Mo} said... came back! I missed you :)

Kristen said...

It's my once a year trip to wal-mart. Seriously hate that place, but love the planner. So I will continue to order one every year until someone else copies them - hopefully costco!

Glad you're back! A major award? And three book reviews? Yowzers woman - you are a machine.

Me said...

Welcome back! I'm alittle nervous though...does my blog constitute a negative blog?

Mackenzie said...

Missed you too! Glad you are back. I missed your posts.

Let's lunch again soon or get together or SOMETHING!!

Melissa said...

Welcome Back! I hope you enjoyed your vacation from the blogging world! By the Way, I love your planner! You may see me copy that idea also!

Ann Marie said...

Welcome back!
Was the weather nicer where you were? J/K..

I agree.. Blog when you want, and don't feel bad about it! It's my new motto! :)

Wow.. An award. And 3 books?
Sounds like a good va-cay!
Happy your back! :) ~ Ann

PS: I HATE walmart also. I try to go as little as possible.. I would go for that planner though! Sahweet!

Ann Marie said...

Oh, and BTW I love the new background look! Cute! XO

Joyce Jones said...

I want a custom dayplanner too

Mom of twins.. said...

Oh, thank goodness you are back! I have missed reading your cute blog! I can't wait to see more post to come from you in the future.

Mom of twins.. said...

P.S. I forgot to mention I love the new background, very cute!

Notre Folle Vie said...

I had no idea Walmart did those. Oh when I return, I shall make one for me and one for Morgan. It is a great idea.
Love the new background, it is very chic!


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