Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The Search for the Right Journal!

I love to write in my journal. It was not until about 2 years ago that I started writing consistently in my journal almost everyday. I am a journal snob though. I am EXTREMELY picky about the shape, size, thickness of my journal. I have a lot to write about and a little 5x7 book just does not handle me. I not only write in my journal, but all of my keepsakes are tucked in between the pages of my journals. I taped a little flower I found on my Trek adventure last year, all of my thank you cards get tucked in there and any piece of paper that had a meaningful event tied to it, I tuck it all in there! My hope is that one day, whoever of my posterity reads this, they will have the little details that will make the events and myself a very real person.

Also, the other reason jouranl writing is so important to me is that by the time I am old, my memory will be long gone and I will enjoy reading the life I lived. Just thinking about that last statement wants me to live a very full life with lots of adventures.

As 2008 began, I have been having the hardes time to find a journal that meets my requirements. There were 3 things that the journal had to meet on my expectations. 1. At least 8 1/x 11 size, 2. a hard outer covering and 3. lined paper inside. (I can't write a straight line to save my life.)

I searched Barnes and Noble, Walmart, Office Max, and Target. NOTHING! I was so discouraged and I was writing in the back of my 2008 journal for 2009 which was driving me crazy. Until today!

I went back to Office Max and saw they had designer binders that I just loved. It then hit me that I could insert lined paper in the middle and Voila, a journal that meets my standards!

I bet you are wondering why I am talking about my craziness in finding a journal. I don't know why! Go write in your own journal about crazy Suzanne and her journal standards.


Natalie said...


I love it.

I have such a hard time writing in a journal. I know. I need to do it, and it really bothers me that I don't. That is actually why I started a blog. So my children will have something to look back on and read. I'll get it printed.

I will buy and write in a journal. You inspire me.

And, I have been thinking about my one word for 2009. Ummm ... still thinking. I had a good one yesterday. I must be tired.

{Mo} said...

So-Dang-Cute! I love it! I am the WORST journal keeper ever. I'm still using the same journal I started in high school **gasp** yes, high school. I think I have yet to write about my last two kiddo's births. I know, I'm horrible. It's another one of those things (like excercise) I really want to do it and stick to it, but I just can't seem to? I do feel like I've made a step in the right direction with my blog. Someday...soon? Anyhow, I love the new journal, have fun filling it up!

Me said...

I still have my journal from Jr. High. And sad to say, it is only about 1/4 full. I try, but that is why I started my blog and why I continue to write (both good and bad). This is just going to have to my record until I can do it the other way.

BTW, yours is really cute.

Ann Marie said...

I had no idea you were a journal snob! So funny!!

I am not here to pat myself on the back or anything-- just keeping it real..
I LOVE journaling.
I have 5 Journals, and write in each of them.
1- My Gratitude journal that I write in each night.
2- My Temple Journal - That I write experiences, thoughts, feelings I have had while being there...
3- Spiritual experiences Journal..
( title says it all )
4- Family Journal ( my regualar journal that I write in ( supposedly every sunday ~ but it doesn't always happen..)
5- My blog.

I know it sounds like alot of journaling, but I use them all for different reasons so they are all special to me. I have been given most of them, so they are all different..
My poor posterity. I already have like 10 journals filled. There going to be sick of reading about my life...

Mom of twins.. said...

Glad that you found a good one for you. I use to be good at writting in my journal, but not so much anymore! I need to start again!

Julie said...

You are so funny, but I totally understand. I can't write in just any book and it has to open just right! I'm glad you found what you needed!

JENNIFRO said...

I love the look of that one! That's a great idea. I'm soooo impressed you keep a journal in addition to the blog....something to shoot for I guess!

JENNIFRO said...

Ann....are you kidding me! That really makes me want to put a big fat L on my forehead.


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