Thursday, February 19, 2009

Caramel Apples + Girls = CraZy ThOghTs!

Randomness #1
We are now putting research teams together to prove the theory that the forbidden fruit, which some claim is the apple, must have been covered with chocolate and carmel by that sneaky old snake to get Eve to partake.

Seriously, how could you not want to take a bite out of this.

Perhaps also in the story of Snow White, the wicked old queen did not really offer Snow White a plain old red apple, rather when the Queen was concocting her potion to turn her into the ugly old woman, she was also stirring some carmel and chocolate to offer to Snow White.

Plain old apple - thanks all pass!

Caramel apple with chocolate - Oh, what is that? An apple? Oh I will try it..........nar nar nar nar, wow, I'm sorry did you want some?! BURP!!

Randomness #2

What do you get when you give a YW a Twix candy bar and dare her not to eat it, for in the future she may be holding out for something bigger and better.


The Holy Twix was returned to only have been smashed flat and beaten, however it did receive spiritual enlightment by osmosis being squeezed between the Book of Mormon and the Bible for 3 weeks straight.
Brian eye balled it in my sack on Sunday and immediately asked for a visitation with the holy twix. I explained his enlightened condition and we did partake. Now the holy twix is part of a bigger galaxy of wisdom and thighness.
Randomness #3

Alas, we were honored with the experience of time travel to February 2010. What would the crazy leader look like, if I had worked at the Chocolate Factory for over a year. It ain't pretty and I won't shave until I lose a few pounds. Carmel Apple - GET IN MY BELLY! haha!


Kristen said...

Um..yea. Can totally tell you hung out with the girls tonight. That's what makes them so dang fun!

And thanks again for the apple. It's gone. Already. Stop laughing.

Tierra Lynne said...

Gee wiz, I so miss Young Women fun! I cant stand to be 23 and see all the fun things my old leaders get to do and create! How cute are you!

Me said...

I know I'm crazy, but I can do without the chocolate. Carmel-yes, apple-yes, but chocolate-NO!

That's funny about the Twix bar. That is one of my favorite candy bars. I totally understand Brian's thinking there...

And the bear was funny, although I seriously doubt you would ever end up looking that way-even if you did work at the chocolate factory.

Suzanne said...


No worries! I think I set the record on getting the apples down. Nar, nar, nar! What? Do I have caramel on my face? Haha! - Suzanne

Ann Marie said...

Thanks alot.
Now I want a twix and an apple real bad....

Glad you had fun with the girls!

Cherie said...

Apples covered in chocolate and carmel in the Garden *snort snort* Love that theory! It is definately the only way I would have eaten it - too funny!!

Miss Megan said...

You are the devil!

Haley said...

Bahahahaha. I want to take a bite right out of that caramel apple! I LLOOOOOVVEE caramel apples!

{Mo} said...

MMMMM, yummy apples! Dang you :(

JENNIFRO said...

I must be pms-ing because I have been thinking about that caramel apple for about three days now! Can you order them online. No joke.

The Petersen Twins said...

Uuuuuh caramel apple... ::drooling::

Must go to Rocky Mountain today...


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