Thursday, February 26, 2009

My Review: The PeaceGiver

One word: AWESOME!!
My cousin Lacy had read this book a while back and had suggested for me to read it from goodreads. I kind of brushed it off, however, I do wonder if brushing it off and not reading it until now had a reason?
This book was life changing for me! Seriously! I had a bad experience with a woman and normally my stand up, prideful "Oh no, you did not just say that" kind of personality was rising and taking over my body. I thought one word "Abigail" and completely calmed down and was peaceful.
This is a story about a man and woman whose marriage is just on the brink of falling apart. They fight all the time, they are disrespectful and with no love in the home was taking an effect on the children. The husband of the story is visited by his grandfather in his dreams and is taught 3 lessons from different stories in the bible. The story of Abigail, the story of Jonah and the story of Jesus Christ.
This book has given me a totally new perspective on the Atonement. I understand how the Atonement applies to sin, to losing a loved one, and pain. However, I never really thought about how the Atonement could apply to me when I had been mistreated, when I judge someone or a different perspective on Gethsemne. I am dead serious when I say that it was life changing.
I feel more at peace, I am quicker to say sorry, I am finally learning to be empathetic (yup, one of my weaknesses, I get it!) and my love for people is overwhelming. I truly believe that I am at the beginning of getting it. No, not really, but a good start.
This book comes with my HIGHEST recommendation. As the world is feeling the cruel pull of economic hardships and the sifting of right and wrong has begun, people are getting angry, depressed and hopeless. There is always hope. If you need a refresher then read this book!


Ann Marie said...

Yay! I am so glad you liked it.
It was a "book club" book in my ward, and everybody said the same type of things you are saying.
I'm going to make this one a priority read for when things slow down here a bit.
Thanks for your book reviews.. I enjoy them so much!

Pistolmom said...

I loved this book too! Please share these blogs with everyone, especially the Men in your life!

The Faithful Girl said...

I almost bought that book when I was in Utah, but I bought the Joseph Smith Papers instead. Now I definitely need to get it and read it. I need all the help and humility I can get with my sassy little attitude.

JENNIFRO said...

I will say that I felt the EXACT same way when I read this. It does feel "life changing" in many ways. I really think I need to read it again because my memory is so bad--and I know I would really benefit from the message. Wonderful reminder.

Have you read "The Bronze Bow?" We read it years ago with our Laurels as sort of a book club thing. It is also very remarkable and a great story on forgiveness.. it's really, really good. Nick's reading it with our oldest right now. It's for adolescents but I think you'd really like it.

Miss Megan said...

I read this book last year, and I really liked it. I thought it had a lot of great insight, and a new perspective on the atonement. I have definitely thought twice before "going there" with my husband because I read this book. Thanks for another great book review!


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