Sunday, March 29, 2009

21 Day Challenge: Day 8, 9, 10!

Sorry my updates have been tardy. I have had a very busy last few days and I am trying to catch up. I am just going to give my "ah hah" moments for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. So here we go!
Friday's Lesson: Visiting Teaching is God's Hello!
Years back, I use to not do a very good job at visiting teaching. In a nut shell, I hated it! Visiting people who could care less about me than a rock, was not my ideal way of spending a few hours of my time every month. I could care less. (Full responsibility of a very bad attitude, I was young and.............).
It was not until I came into my current ward that my views were completely changed. I hesitantly took a few names from the Relief Society President and contemplated in my head how I was going to not visit the names in my hand and not feel guilty about. (I know, I am terrible, but I am being honest). However, something rang in my heart that I could not let go. One of the names in my hand, needed a friend and I had a choice to do something good for someone else or not. Whether or not it benefited me was not the point sometimes you have to do things when you just don't understand why.
Now, I have a very strong testimony of Visiting Teaching. I am one of many small ways that God can let his daughters know that he loves them and is thinking of them. A very important message to deliver and my insecurities or business should never excuse the message not being delivered to his women. Getting to know women in my ward unifies us and brings us closer. Hence, visiting teaching is a way that God can wave and say hello to us.
Day 9, Saturday: A Spiritual Day of Business
This last Saturday was a busy one. I was able to sleep in and just wanted to stay in bed as long as I could because when the day was over, it would be a very long day. 3 events- Temple, Baptism and Young Women Broadcast. That's a lot of people!
That morning as I was preparing for a long day, I was thinking about something Brother Christensen said the night before. He pointed out that when we die and the veil is lifted and we get our complete knowledge back, that seeing the people you know will be like seeing and old friend that you have not see in a long time and the joy will over take you to see them again.
What a beautiful thought. Now as I am looking at people that I interact with, I wonder if I am talking to an old friend from the world before. And suddenly, talking to them is like talking to an old friend.
At the Young Womens Broadcast, President Monson gave a talk on having courage which sung to my heart strings. They were:
1. Have the courage not to judge another
2. Have the courage to be chaste
3. Have the courage to stand firm
Interesting to me that he talked about courage. Not only does this apply to the young women, but to women in general. We need to have the courage to do what is right.
Day 10, Sunday: Sick and Tired
Today was a gray, snowy, and horrible cold windy day and the weather is draining to one's positive attitude. Not to mention that I felt terribly sick. However, sometimes a person has to buck it up and pick themselves up even when they don't feel like it. Yes, I did make it to church. It is that important to me. I could have gone and withdrawn myself from others because I had a perfect excuse to do so, but I didn't. I continued to be as kind as I could be. However, I do strongly believe in the day of rest and have fully taken advantage of it! Sometimes the ones we love need our individual time and attention and need to know that they are loved and important. Hangin with Brian and Shae is one of the best ways to recharge my batteries. I made an awesome Zitti (if Brian takes two servings, we have a winner) and sugar cookies and have been laughing with Shae while watching Bolt. This is extremely gratifying to me. Bring on the bad weather because today, I get to spend the day with my family. You just gotta love family time!!


Ann Marie said...

Lovely! Great thoughts!
I want to read those talks!
I cannot wait for next weekend!!

PS: Oh, and thanks for coming saturday.. Even though you were busy we felt loved knowing you would be there to support us!!

Cherie said...

You struggle with some of the same things I do. Life is not easy is it?
I have really been enjoying going through these days with you and reading your thoughts.
It is funny because even though I have a gift for friendship I can also be extremely introverted if I am not feeling up to par (whether sick, unprepared, or like with VT not feeling it).
As I have been reading these posts I can see where I do not measure up and the areas I have to work on. This has been a great challenge for me too :D

Heather Perry said...

I used to be really good at visiting teaching until I had Ayla. I am starting to pick it up again. I think visiting teaching is so important. I have gained some really good friends through it. I love it.

It was so nice to see you at Tenney's baptism. Sounds like you had a busy day too that day. I also loved what President Monson said to the youth. It was very powerful.

Good for you to go to church even when you were sick. I am sure your YW felt loved that you were there.

I also got to spend Sunday evening with my little family and there is nothing like it in the whole world. I love them so much.


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