Thursday, March 5, 2009

From My Heart to Your Dying Heart.........

Where to begin??

Ok, Rewind to Winter of 2001. I worked for a company and was a full time recruiter/headhunter. Fresh out of college for just less than a year and I was a grown up now with my big career job. AND I HATED IT!

I had little reliefs here and there, one being a good friend that I worked with named Kimberly Summers. She was absolutely gorgeous! She made Barbie feel insecure. She also had a voice that would blow you away. Yup, that is really her below.

On the winter of 2001, she explained to me that a Pianoist, named Paul Cardall, asked her to sing a song he had written for the Oklahoma City bombings that happened a few years before, but he wanted her to come and sing it with him on live radio for a tribute to those who passed on in the September 11th tragedy. She told me about her singing and asked if I would come and support her that morning. And I said I would.

I arrived at the FM100 radio station on a cold wintery December morning and listened as the musicians tuned their instraments. First song to be done was Kimberly's song. She sang beautifully. Then they asked Mr. Cardall to play more of his songs he has written on the piano and I instantly fell in love with the notes he had written. I believe that morning he played Sweet Escape and it left such an impact on me.

Fastforward to March 5, 2009.

I awoke this morning to find in the paper that my piano friend, Mr. Paul Cardall is dying and on a waiting list for a new heart. Read the article here. Oh, how my heart ached to hear that such a talented, wonderful person was struggling. He writes from the soul. You may have heard one of his songs on the radio, his most popular being Grateful sung by Steele Cartwright. My personal favorites are when he plays hymns and of course Sweet Escape. I have left you links on those 2 songs but here I will leave the video of Paul playing Brian's favorite hymn, A Poor Wayfaring Man of Grief.

Mr. Cardall, my heart goes out to yours as you are going through this trial. You music was medicine for my heart and soul and I hope that now it will heal your heart as well. Thank you for your music and spirit that you have so gracefully shared with us. God Bless you and your family and hopefully your wait for your new heart will not be too long. You have changed my life and probably many, many other lives and I know from my end, I am sending all the positive vibes that I can so you can be healthy, happy and continue to write and play.


Me said...

He does have so much talent. I had no idea that he was in need of transplant. I sure hope he gets one and soon.

Doesn't it seem that people with all the talent have the hardest trials sometimes?

At least you got to see him in person and you will have cherish that memory.

Ann Marie said...

I have felt very sad over this as well.....
Paul Cardall was my ex husbands missionary companion in the MTC. They made me a tape of them goofing of on the piano singing all sorts of songs... He is very talented beyond words.. I'm not sure if you know this.. But he cannot read music.. He plays what he hears and memory...

After their missions, we went to his house a few times and not only is he talented, but seriously is one of the nicest guys around. I saw him at a furneral 3 years ago and walked up to talk to him and he still remembered who I was after 13 years... Amazing!
I feel for him and his family..
I really have faith though that if it is his will to be here longer.. he will be....

Natalie said...

I really needed that spiritual uplifting today. Thank you for taking the time to post the links. That is so sad. I hope all goes well and that he and his family are comforted during this time.

T. L. C. said...

Suzanne, this was truly a touching post and a sweet boost to my day this morning. I will of course remember this person in my prayers.
How very sad for him and his family. Life is just to precious and fragile.

My heart always takes notice to songs and hymns played in longer arrangements and these were beauitful.

the "Sweet Escape" was very very pretty. I loved it!

Carrie said...

Wow - I think this is what I needed to hear to get me out of my rut. Suddenly being 36 weeks pregnant and STILL have morning sickness and a cold on top of that seems bearable. My heart goes to his family and all they are enduring.

Notre Folle Vie said...

What a talented man. I was bawling as I watched the video. I am in agreement with everyone else who said they needed something like this today. I was in such a crappy mood today (long story) and now everything I was upset about doesn't mean a lick.

Thank you Suzanne for posting this.


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