Wednesday, April 1, 2009

21 Day Challenge: Day 12

The past 36 hours have been some of the most AMAZING hours of my life!!

I feel like Rhino the hamster from Bolt when he meets Bolt the Super Dog for the first time.

In the past 36 hours, I have had the opportunity to meet and speak with some of my Super Hero's and it was AWESOME!!

Which is why, I speak about the 21 day challenge today, which is still going on. No, I have not given up on it and no I have not left for the cabin either.

Talking to a normal person is one thing, talking to someone you admire, love, who has authority......Overwhelming. How do you talk to these people and not sound like a blundering idiot?

It is one thing to interact with someone you have read about or seen on television and dream that one day, you could grow up to be just like them. However, to hear them talk about you, and say they admire some of the things you have done, well that is just

mind blowing!!

Which a friend of mine reminded me that people are just people, even when you think they are Super Hero's, they live normal lives just like you and me. Although, the wonderful thing that I was able to experience was being treated like an old friend. My hero knowing my name and giving me a big hug. My hero's teaching me a lesson that everyone is amazing and we should treat them as such.

Sometimes, my daughter when she plays dress up or pretend, she aspires to be a princess, a damsel, and sometimes she likes to pretend to be like her dear old mom. Which as I think about it, puts a lot or responsibility on me to be the woman that I want her to grow up to be.

Well, I know who I want to grow up to be like and if Shae catches that vision and follows their example too, then I will know that she will have chosen the best examples that God could give her to follow!

My Latter Day Heros!


Ann Marie said...

Way cool! YOu got to meet them?
Isn't that Ann Monson on the far right? Look how close you were to being by the Prophet..

I admire all of the leaders in the church. They inspire me also.

Kristen said...

Um, so I NEED more details from the training! I totally missed out, huh? Dang it! Did they use our poster?

Notre Folle Vie said...

Onion New Network does fake news. The problem is that they do it so well you almost think they are telling the truth. It is a spoof on media broadcasting and my April Fools Joke.

Jenice Henrie said...

It was awesome that you got to meet these wonderful ladies. It is always great to meet people you admire.

Mackenzie said...

Sounds like the meeting was a SCREAMING (a reverent, respectful scream, of course) success. Excited to hear the deets!

Heather Perry said...

That is so awesome. I am glad you got to meet them. I love those women.


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