Friday, May 29, 2009

My 3 Places!

I just returned from one of my favorite places to go and I thought to myself, I need to write these places down. There are 3 places that I LOVE to go in my life, two you are never gonna believe. I look forward to it, I crave it, I would love to have places in my life everyday. These are places that make me the happiest. Are you ready? Here we go!

Favorite Spot: Car Dealership to get an oil change!

Yep, that is right! I love getting my oil changed. I use to loathe the experience because I take my car in the dealership for the service and it would take over an hour. Grrr!

Now I completely use the time to my advantage. There is a little desk tucked away that I always sit at in the waiting room. I lug my journal, scriptures, a good book and sometimes my laptop and do a lot of studying during my long hour. I love it! I cannot wait for the 3,000 miles to come up again so I can have uninterrupted study time. Wondering if my oil change can maybe take up to an hour an a half? He he!

Favorite Spot: The Dentists Office

I know, some of your are grimacing right now, but I LOVE LOVE LOVE the dentist! I do! I have had the same dentist since I was a child. One point of my life, I wanted to marry a dentist. Every visit has always been a happy trip and ego boost for me.
"oh Suzanne, you brush so well! More people need to have clean teeth like you!"
"You have just perfect teeth! Why do we even bother with the x-rays, we know there will be no cavitites! You have great teeth."
Now either I have a very complimentary dentist that likes to boost people up or this is all in my head, either way, when I am feeling blue, a dentist visit makes me feel on top of the world for a good 2 hours. There is nowhere else in the world that I am so verbally praised. If I had it my way and visists were cheaper, I would have my teeth cleaned once a month.

Favorite Spot: The Celestial Rooms at any temple!

You had to see that one coming a mile away. My favorite spot in the whole wide world is the celestial room of any temple. For those of you who have not had the opportunity, yes this is the Celestial room of the Oquirrh Mountain Temple. My temple!! Is it not beautiful! See the trees in the background? They are real, but they have been petrified so they last forever. You can smell then in the room!
This is my favorite spot because I am at complete peace here. I feel loved, I feel safe, I feel close to heaven and I feel like myself here. Beauty all around and I am simply in awe. The spirit is strong in the temple and it is my holy ground. Everything comes together at the temple!
So, now my question to you is:
What is your favorite spot and Why?


Ann Marie said...

You crack me up. Seriously.

I can see your points.. But...
even with a good check up.. the Dentist and Celestial room in the same thoughts make me laugh..

Notice all 3 things have to do with being clean. Hmmm. ha-ha

My favorite spots..
Celestial room
My bed
Surrounded by beautiful flowers

Lisa said...

I saw you on Mormon Moms and your title intriged me. Then I read your post (hysterical- the dentist office and the car dealer)so I thought I'd comment and who do I see.. my blogger friend Ann who is the sweetest. So I'm jumping in and playing along.

My fav places- the temple, my backyard listening to the pool waterfall, and my car (I've had some great conversations with my kids there and it takes us on family vacations)

Cherie said...

I laughed out loud - You certainly won't catch me putting the Dentist on my list but I can kind of see your point :D

I think my 3 would be:

Celestial room
A mountain lake

Heather said...

I with you on the Celestial room! That is defiantly the best place on earth.

I can't wait to take my dad to the open house for that temple.

Another place is Disneyland. I can't wait to take Ayla there. Just seeing Ayla happy brings me the most joy. Combined that with Disneyland and I can't go wrong.

Heather said...

BTW you do have very nice teeth. I notice everyones teeth. It is a problem I have. I know it is because I used to have a cap between my front teeth and I looked at everyones teeth and wished I had their teeth. I now like my teeth. I just wish they were whiter.

JENNIFRO said...

This was so out there it worked! But really, you amaze me. You are actually PRODUCTIVE when you get your oil changed. I mean really, most people walk around the parking lot looking for a doughnut shop or something! Man...I can really learn a lot from you girl!


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