Tuesday, June 2, 2009

4 Going on 19!

This is my daughter Shae.
She is 4 going on 19! Don't believe me, you should meet her!

Brian and I use to have a running joke about our cat Leo. We would joke and tease that he was such an independent animal that at any given time we would not be surprised if he had left us a note on the counter saying that he got his own apartment and was living on his own. The cat did his own thing and occasionally we would get small tokens of love and appreciation. In general, going out of town was never a problem, he could take care of himself.
Now, we have my daughter.
She is 4 years old (soon to be 5) and she acts like she is an adult. Yesterday, she came home to me after a 9 day vacation down to Las Vegas. I can honestly say, I don't think she missed me or Brian at all. I would not be surprised to come home to find a note on the counter saying she got her own apartment and was living on her own.
It is a 2 edged sword this independency.
Still trying to figure this out.


Cherie said...

That is so funny! About 5 is when kids really do start showing their independence - they can all of a sudden do so much.

She sounds like a smarty and she is adorable to boot!!

{Mo} said...

What a darling little Miss! I bet you are glad to have her home, and I'm sure she's glad to be home, even if she isn't showing it!

Jenice Henrie said...

I don't see a problem. Her independence reminds me very much of her mother and her father. Now Leo is another story. I even miss his random hiss at times. Shaeler was an angel here. You can tell her the same thing that I tell Morgan and Robert. You never leave home unless it is to go to Grandma's house.

You have no idea how empty the house is without her here.

JENNIFRO said...

It's cause she's a GIRL!!!!! They grow up 10x faster than boys. I'm still trying to figure out how to cope with it. Cute post.

Lisa said...

Hi Suzanne- What a little cutie your daughter is. Of my girls the last one can't wait to grow up. Maybe because she has older sisters and she watches them...The other day someone thought she was 15 instead of 13-she was thrilled.

I love the picture of the Manti temple. I went to school at USU in Logan and drove by the temple everyday. I thought I would never see anything so beautiful but wow maybe the Manti temple.

Ann Marie said...

Yes.. I believe it's a 5 year old thing. I could say the same thing about Christian..

And I laughed at your Mom's comment. yes.. I believe she will be a Mini-Suzanne. :)

After reading this post.. I miss Leo. :(

Me said...

It must be a girl think. Elie is the same way-only instead of a note to say she was getting an apartment it would something to the effect that she was going to join the cast of High School Musical or something.

Mom of twins ♥ said...

Sounds like fun, I am kinda dreading for when Sadie gets older and has that kind of drama!! :) Shae is so darling and I can't believe how much she is a mini you! How fun!

Heather said...

Kids are so funny! Ayla already tries to be independent. She gets upset with me whenever I try and help her with something she has been trying to do. She wants to do it herself. She cracks me up! I'll tell you, she has an attitude. I'm in for it! LOL!!!

I can see why you said, what you said, on my last post about Ayla. "Watch out, they grow up too fast and become independent."


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