Tuesday, June 16, 2009

My Review: Timeless Waltz Series by Anita Stansfield

Last week I took 5 days and read and read and read until my little hearts content. I started the Timeless Waltz series that my sister in law, Natalie absolutely adores.
When I started the first book "Timeless Waltz" I knew immediately that it would be a deadly combo for me.
Dancing and Romance.
In this book however, the characters fell in love at the very beginning of the book and admitted of their love at the beginning of the book and I wondered what on earth would keep me intrigued for another 300 pages? Where was the challenge in the romance? Where was the first flirtations and relationship games that can only happen when you date?
I was saddly dissapointed, however the story does continue on with many twists and turns that clearly kept me reading to the end of the book, to the next book, to the next book.
In a Timeless Waltz, Alex and Jane fall madly in love, however, they cannot get married because she wants to get married in the temple and he no longer wants anything to do with the LDS church because of his past and his grudge he is holding towards his father who had an affair when Alex was a teen.
Seems, Mrs. Stansfield likes to take some life issues head on and not beat around the bush. I will not go any further into detail to not ruin the book, however, the story twists and turns and has some heart wrenching moments that I was crying.

A Time to Dance was probably my favorite out of the series. The story continues on about Alex and Jane's relationship. They have children and find out that their eldest son has leukimia. In the middle of it all, Alex finds out that he has a half brother from his father's affair. So this book tackles the issues of

1. a sick child

2. Secrets of an illigitmate child

3. Judging others

4. Suicide

5. Depression

6. Forgiveness and the Atonement

Ummm... this is a lot to handle with one book. However, Mrs. Stansfield wrote it very well and it all came together beautifully. My favorite scene in the whole book is the Family Home Evening with Wade (the half brother) and Alex. Wade is trying to pull his family together because they were angry with their mother to find out she had an affair and kept it a secret. Wade pulls the family together and talks about the adulterous woman that was thrown in front of Christ to cast judgement. Wade tells the story in such a profound way, that it gave me goose bumps. Again, I cried several times in this book and it was my favorite of the 3.

The 3rd book of the Timeless Waltz series dives into Wade's life and trying to become a doctor like Alex and loosing his wife 2 weeks after giving birth to their daughter. It is the journey of Wade coping with moving on, raising his daughter, finding love and depression. Lots of depression. I tried to be very empathetic for this character and his new love Laura, but there were parts that I got frustrated and had to skim over the pages. It ends well, and there is a 4th book that apparently tackles even more of the depression issues of Laura, but I am not sure I want to dive into that.

All 3 books were great reads. I like it when I can read a book and it comes natural and easy to me! Mrs. Stansfield is tackling a lot of HEAVY issues in these books, however they did give me a different perspective on life. Definately a new perspective on prayer.

Happy Reading!


Me said...

When I can get back to reading, I will have to read these. They sound like they are right up my alley, and could possibly help me too.

Ann Marie said...

I will have to read these one day also! ~ And I believe you were inspired to post this today....

Heather said...

They sound like really good books. I will have to look into them someday.


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