Monday, June 8, 2009

Shae Day Has Returned!

It's been a while, I know. However, by poplular demand, SHAE DAY has returned!

Shae chose to go to ChuckeCheeses for her special day with Mom and Dad!
We had a ball! We ate a $5.00 Little Ceasar's Pizza before we went to save money and then headed over to play games, win tickets and have a ball!
We were able to find a coupon to get a gazillion tokens, and that is when Brian and I go into "find the game that no one plays that spits out a ton of tickets so we can get Shae a really cool prize" mission. Alas, Brian found it and worked his magic as I strolled Shae around the room playing any other game that her heart desires. She has no concept of the tickets until we get to the prize booth and she figures out that the tickets will buy her something.
At ChuckECheese they have cotton candy!
Cotton Candy!!
My mind instantly went back to the day when my family use to go to ChuckECheeses for birthday parties and we would always get cotton candy there. There and also every time we would leave Lagoon, we would buy a cotton candy bag for the road. Aw! The sweet memories!
We left ChuckECheese's an hour and half later with washed hands, cotton candy bag, clay to play with and candy with a necklace, and she walked out like she was on cloud 9!
The end of the day I got an "I Love you! and your the best mom EVER" and I knew that many more Shae Days are in our future.
This week, Shae Day will be camping in the trailer! Stay Tuned!


Carrie said...

Sweet! My kids have been begging to go see that big rat. I may have to now. I remember going there for parties too. The worst was we were going there for me - finally - and the location we were going to had closed the week before. My mom had no idea. It was a sad day. LOL!

Mom of twins ♥ said...

I loved going to Chuckie Cheese as a kid as well. I am glad that you all had a fun time. I love those picture things they are so fun, we do those when we go too.

Ann Marie said...

Your so good..

Glad Brian joined in the fun with you..

Good call on not eating there.. :)

I look forward to shae day this week! :) YAY!!!

Clarke and Kamie said...

nice! love those drawings there...I have a few of those in scrapbooks:)

Jenice Henrie said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful day, but Shaeler looks a little scared in both pictures. Thanks for visiting grandma, I am sure that she appreciated the attention from our side of the family.

Me said...

Actually Chuckie Cheese has the best pizza around. I'm not joking either and you can usually find a deal with pizza, drinks and token for under $20.

I'm glad you had fun. We have those same pictures (only with us in them) on my fridge!

Heather said...

How fun! I bet you guys had such a great time. I remember going there as a kid too. You do leave there on cloud 9.

JENNIFRO said...

Kids are so easy to please....had to laugh at the washed hands. I cannot WAIT to wash my hands after places like that! Give me the willies!

Little Caesars! Haven't thought of that in AGES. We don't have that out here I don't think.

Mackenzie said...

Looks like a really fun day!


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