Friday, August 14, 2009

Business in the front, party in the back!

I guess you could say that this all began last Saturday. As I was combing Shae's hair and would come across a snarl (is that the correct term for that?), wads of her hair would come out with it. Oh that was just terribly pathetic to look at. So we rushed over to Cookie Cutters to get Shae's hair cut, only to find the store was closed.

Cookie Cutters for Shae is like going to see Santa Clause. She loves that children's salon. What a better place to visit to get your hair done, watch your favorite movie and when you leave you get a balloon and a sucker! Oh the joy for a 5 year old.

Once the first attempt had failed, I was doomed now to take her back when the salon was open. So Monday afternoon, Shae and I drove to Cookie Cutters and I ordered the stylist to chop it all off, I have had enough! So the stylist cut an adorable A-line cut for Shae. At first I was heart wrenched to see her hair that took 5 years to grow out laying on the floor. I paid the girl and Shae went singing out the store and I am trying to decide if I like the cut on her or not while grieving for my babies hair to be gone.

Mom's turn comes up today. I had my appointment with my stylist Paul. He is one of the best I have been to, and is the nicest guy, (other when he likes to say things to see my reactions.) After the trauma of seeing Shae's hair on the floor, I decided I did not want to cut my hair short and was thinking maybe 2 inches off my hair. As Paul is evaluating my hair, he notices that there is a band of hair that completely frames my face is all broken off and much shorter than the rest of my hair. He starts drilling me on what I could possibly doing with my hair to have this shorter length that just will not grow.

I scramble to think of what I could possibly be doing to cause this problem, but I was dumbfounded. He then starts trying to convince me that I should cut my hair very short to even out this short hair on top. To which I am hesitating with. It took me 2 years to grow my hair out long, and would only take 2 seconds to wipe out with his scissors. He says that we will make the decision after the color. As he is coloring my hair and I am frantically trying to think what to do, Paul utters the below the belt phrase that would make anyone want to cut their hair bald.

"You know Suzanne, the way your hair is looking now, you would be a great candidate for a mullet!"


In which my reply was:

Cut it! Cut it NOW!!

As I walked out of the salon grieving the hair I lost that had taken me 2 years to grow, I felt like I got jipped. No balloon or sucker for me as I left my salon!


Richard said...

Your hair is still long by most standards, it looks great and the mullet comment was just plain sick.

Cherie said...

I think you both look beautiful! I love both cuts :D

I'm sorry, I would have kicked the guy if he made a mullet crack to me - hee hee.

Heather said...

I am finally back. Yeah!!

It was so nice to see you last Tuesday and I look forward to seeing you on Friday.

I love your hair and I already love Shea's hair. You both look great!

Kristen said...

You both look fantastic! Paul's comment cracks me up. Ha! He would say something like that. If anyone is going to chop your hair, you picked the right guy to do it. I love it!

Mom of twins ♥ said...

I love both of yours and Shae's hair, very cute look for both of you!

Miss Megan said...

I like it a lot. But that doesn't really matter. The question is, do you like it? I can't help but wonder if Paul is such a great hairstylist, why he would try to convince you to do something you don't want to do. My sister does hair (and does an awesome job). While she is the expert, and I trust her opinion, she also listens to and respects mine. Just a thought.

However, I still think it looks VERY CUTE. Are you used to it yet?

Ann Marie said...

Your hair still looks long to me!
Are you sure it's cut? he-he
Both cuts look darling!~ You'll be glad you did Shae's when school starts! I had Morgan take 3 inches off Tenney's yesterday!

I agree with Meg though.. I think her sisters better than anyone at coloring and styling! :)

T. L. C. said...

OMG great cuts girls! i LOVE it. Truly...but yes I agree, sometimes even i feel like i need a nice cherry sucker as i walk out if the salon from the trama!!!

Atherley Crack Ups said...

love love love the both of you! it makes me excited for me and bay's cuts next week. man our stylists bank on us!

Carrie said...

You look beautiful. And Shae looks as cute as always. I love the new 'do!!!!

Amber Burt said...

I think they both look cute. The last few times I went in to have my hair cut I asked the girl who does my hair why my hair was shorter on one side than the other, and that it was breaking in certain places. She could not figure it out, until the last time I went in I had it pulled up and when I took it down she said that she finally figured out where my breakage was coming from, the way I was pulling it up. She said that I had a breakage line right where my pony tail was, and that one side was pulled up differently and therefore one side was breaking off shorter than the other side. Since then I have stopped using those elastics, and try not to pull it back as often. Just a thought!


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