Friday, August 7, 2009

Girls Camp 2009

This year for Girls Camp, we had the priveldge as a Stake to go up to the Heber Valley Campgrounds. What an amazing opportunity for us. Not only is this the Ritz in camping terms, but it is also an extra special place and you can feel the spirit the minute you arrive upon the grounds. The quaking aspens are beautiful and the campgrounds are emaculate and beautiful!

We had a HUGE pavillion as our central location and also the location where I would sleep. This pavillion was stocked with a ginormous comercial kitchen with walkin fridge and freezer. A washer and dryer and 2 personal bathrooms for the stake leaders. Was I spoiled this year? Oh, you betcha I was.

At Girls Camp, we did the normal GC activities, but Heber Valley offers a few extra special events. The first was the challenge course. These were obstacle courses with ropes that the young women had to use their brains and team work to get them through. My favorite was the high challenge where the young women and leaders would climb up a log, walk across a rope bridge 30 feet in the air and then repel down another tree. This truly was a test of overcoming fears and supporting each other through the event.
The log to climb was quite small and would sway with your moves.

The rope bridge!

Very emotional to watch the wards congratulate each other for their accomplishments! I cried on this one!

The other wonderful activity that Heber Valley offers is Legacy Lake. The lake provides canoes and paddle boats for everyone to enjoy the lake and ride around in. The missionaries will blow a horn and have a 2 minutes of silence when you are on the lake. At first, I didn't understand why they did that, but going through it, it was a very spiritual experience for me.

Biggest reason you cannot swim in the lake: Leeches!

One of my favorite memories is 10 leaders stuffing ourselves into a van and laughing the whole way back to camp. We must have looked like a clown car with all of us getting out at once.

This is my bed and I got to sleep on top! Yay! We were pranked one night and had 2 large bras hangin from our bed post!

Apparently, they were Sister Monsons! hehe!

Heber Valley Camp is a magical place to be able to visit. If you ever have the opportunity, DO NOT TURN IT DOWN!


Cherie said...

I totally "heart" girls camp!!
Looks like you had a great time.
Leeches??? Seriously...Ick!
The rope course was awesome though!

Pretty area. Awwww Girls Camp! Woot!

T. L. C. said...

Girls camp {AHHHHH} for me, I am NOT a camper at all. My poor girls camp leaders were lucky if they got me to stay at least two nights.

I think by the time I graduated YW I had a full week of girls camp to my name by doing two days for every girls camp I attended therefore adding up to a full week.

Oh how I do not miss those days!
But, I'm so glad to see you had a great time and a really pretty place:)

Miss Megan said...

That looks like a great place for someone like me who is NOT a camper. I could deal with showers, washer/driers, etc. Lots of fun!

Atherley Crack Ups said...

that ain't campin'!!! rentmeister, you have to show them the real way! only us oldies get to sleep in cabins and trailers. and that is only because we have babies. ahhh, the disappointment.
i am glad you had a good time.


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