Monday, September 28, 2009

Put Me In Coach!

One of the few sports I can handle to watch and/or play in church sports is volleyball.
It is a non contact sport and there is a net seperating the teams.
This is Good! This is Very Good!
I was kidding myself that I could play volleyball, well church volleyball that is, but what can the coach say "Sorry, you suck! You didn't make the team. Go warm the bench!" She can't say that, its church activities for crying out load!
So, the ex baton twirler took the court with 5 other players that ALL played volleyball in high school. You can say my skills really stood out. Oh well! Game on!
I nicknamed myself the filler! Basically I only wanted to play if someone needed a break. I would fill their space. Honestly, I was carrying a big deep dark secret from the coach and the rest of the team.
I have a depth perception problem. I cannot judge distances, especially of moving objects.
Now hold on, why would a girl with disabilities like that even think of playing a game of reacting to a ball flying all around the court and at multiple speeds.
Honestly, because I am dumb. No really, in hopes of getting my depth perception back on track. You see, when I twirled the baton, I had to force myself to instinctively judge distances. I had a flying metal stick over my head which would either needed to be grabbed or get hit in the head.
One day I will tell you the story of my black ear. It was gross! I was lied to! I will share more on that one another time.

So, at my last game, I got to sit out and take pictures of my team mates, whom I have nicknamed.

We may make it to Regionals! Woohoo! Just don't put me in the game coach!
Go my favorite Sports Team GO!


Kristen said...

Ha ha ha ha! Can you tell we're all peeved because we are LOSING. To a team with FIVE PLAYERS. Gosh.

That photo of Haylie is fantastic. I will be directing her to your blog shortly. :)

And you are NOT just a filler! Your volleyball skills have improved so much. I'm glad you've played with us!

Heather said...

I am terrible at volleyball. I bet you are better than me.

I want to hear about your black ear story.

Love the nicknames you gave every one.

I hope you make it to Regionals!

Atherley Crack Ups said...

go team! i love volleyball, but alas, it doesn't love me so much.

Jenice Henrie said...

To be totally honest, what were we to say, "your ear and head are black and blue and look like their belong to an alien." No, we said it looked a little bruised and not that bad. Who was to think you would check it out!

Good luck if your team makes it to Regions. I remember many years organizing Stake and Region competitions. They get very competitive. Have fun and enjoy the friendships.

BTW--I think you might have inherited the depth percetion problem from your father. I thought it was his eye surgery, but thinking back, hmmmmmm.

Ann Marie said...

This cracks me up!
I am so far from this.. sports just don't interest me at all.. never have... never will.

I played Tennis a little bit when I was younger.. and that's the only thing I see in my future.. well.. except for my daily exercising!

Way to go trying new things.. and making new friends! :)

Ann Marie said...

Ok.. I can seriously not type today.. It was supposed to say sports are something that DOESN'T interest me at all.. he-he...

haylie said...


i will buy that picture off of you for $100 because it's so worth it. i had no idea i was that flexible. no wonder my thighs hurt the next day.

i saw you sitting over there with your sneaky camera. don't make me bust out my camera--i'm good at revenge. not sure i should be bragging about such things...but i am you know.

ha ha! these are hilarious. and yes, mj is my hero. i'm still having a difficult time parting with him. i'm crossing my fingers that my sister will give (throw) him back so that i can hang him from my rear-view mirror.
much love,

Cherie said...

I am a NON sporty girl all the way. Every year I have people say "Hey Cherie come play volleyball with us". ummmm NO
So I am just impressed that even with a depth perception problem that if you love it you went for it.
WAy to go girl!

Janet and Suzie's Dad said...

You may fool the others with that 'Depth Perception' excuse, but I know better. We're afraid of the ball.

Notre Folle Vie said...

Hey Hey Hey, you weren't lied to about the black ear. I said "It isn't that bad." Which was true! You were not bleeding and you still had an ear attached to your head. ;)

I never knew you liked volleyball, glad you had fun.

LOL, I love dads comment!

Carrie said...

You are so funny. I wouldn't have guessed the whole depth perception thing. I have seen you do FIRE BATONS! Is that where the blackened ear came from? I lothe volleyball. I don't play organized sports because I am a walking accident waiting to happen. Kudos to you!


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