Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Things that have made me giggle lately.....

Brian finishing my food storage shelves!! This in itself is like Christmas for me! Cannot wait to fill these babies up with our food storage!

Friday night Pearl of Great Price CES class with Brother Millburn. The poor man had to follow behind President Christensen teaching and that in itself is a very high bar. Brother Millburn is doing a phenomenal job teaching us the Pearl of Great Price and I laugh every week because he is so funny! I am also learning so much about God, The Creation and Who I am!

I get to visit other wards in my calling and I cannot tell you enough how much I love meeting all the new girls and leaders. Its YW's x 7 and I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE my calling! Nothing but good times and laughs!

Shaeler was invited to attend a classical ballet class with her friend. She LOVED it! She wants to take more classes and I agreed. How can you not love a black leotard, pink nylons and those little ballet slippers. We couldn't wipe the smile off of Shaeler's face and I loved that it teaches Shaeler poise, class and sophistication! Mom gets the giggles and reminisces on her old ballet days!

New IPOD Classic I bought with the rest of my birthday money! 160 GB baby! There is no end to what I can download. So far, the nerdy girl in me has downloaded BYU Classic and New speeches, Pearl of Great Price, The New Testament, General Conference, New Era and The Ensign.

Hehehe! This tickles me the most. I bought the soundtrack to Pride and Prejudice and I cannot stop listening to it. Beautiful piano, cello, violin and orchestrations that instantly take you back to the scenes we love and adore. My favorite tracks are: Liz on top of the World and Your Hands are Cold! Yeah, if you have seen the movie, the scenes are coming very quickly, aren't they?

I have many more wonderful things that are making me smile this week, but I will just leave it there! Hope you are all having a wonderful, happy day!


Ann Marie said...

YAY Brian!! The shelves look great!
You'll have to show it once it's full! :)
Another scripture class? Is this an enrichment type thing?? I have never asked.. or is it a stake thing?

Shae is taking Ballet? How fun for her! I'm glad she enjoys it!

Yay for the New Ipod.. and traveling wards to see YW!

Hope the rest of your week is filled with lots of happiness!!

Cherie said...

Those shelves are simply and incredibly beautiful!! What a great job your hubs did!!
Take a picture when you have them filled up!
I did not even know P&P had a soundtrack - Woot - You just made my day!!!
Have a Happy First Day of Fall!

Jenice Henrie said...

I am so excited that Shaeler gets to dance. She is so cute when she pretends that she is a ballet dancer. She is a natural.


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