Thursday, October 8, 2009

Lionel Richie Takes Me Back!

Isn't funny how some things can trigger your memory?
I was talking with a young woman the other night and she was telling me that she had a crush on a boy. She told me his name and he had the exact same last name of a boy I dated in high school. Its a last name you don't hear very often, so there has to be a relation somehow.
My mind flooded back to the wonderful memories I had dating this kid. One of them being a Lionel Richie song that he sang at a DECA competition on a kareoke night.
He sang with a group of other guys "I Just Called To Say, I Love You!" Now, we were really just good friends, but every time I hear that song, I can't help but smile and think of what a nice guy he was. I chuckle after that to think that it was a Lionel Richie song. Every time I hear this song on the radio, I am instantly taken back to that very night.
Next when I think of Lionel Richie, my mind floods back to another happy memory of being on a cruise with my family long ago. Because we don't drink or gamble on the cruise lines, our nightly ritual would be to go to the kareoke bar and watch people sing while intoxicated. Definately some good laughs from this activity. One of the most UNFORGETABLE kareoke songs I will NEVER EVER EVER forget, was a man singing "Hello" by Lionel Richie.
(I pause for a minute and chuckle because why is their the commonality of kareoke and Lionel Richie? Hmmmmm.....)
Back to my story.
So, this morning I Youtubed Lionel Richie to see if there was a video to "Hello". Low and behold there is AND it CREEPS me out!
Please watch below!

Thesis: Lionel Richie is creepy in the Hello video.
Supporting Arguments:
1. He is a teacher following around a student that he is in love with. Correct me if I am wrong, but it seems she is in high school, due to the lockers. I have NEVER seen lockers at college. High school teachers in love with students is illegal.
2. He is a teacher following around a student who is blind and therefore he lurks around her without her knowing. He follows her to her locker, her lunch, her dance class, and she has no idea.
3. He calls her at home on her private line, I am guessing and then doesn't say anything. ummm.........hopefully he didn't just belt out "hello, is it me your looking for?" to her and then hang up. CREEPY
4. She is wearing pink sweat pants to probably try and get him to stop watching her. This in itself is a cry out for help from her.
5. After he sees the sculpture, he blurts out that "hello, is it me your looking for?" creepy line. Really? Couldn't you have just said, thank you! You did a beautiful job.
Therefore, Lionel Richie, I will now always think of you and your stalking ways when I hear this song and it gives me the creeps. Perhaps, I will play this song Halloween night, instead of the screams, growls and evil laughs.
That is all for now. If you have a song that takes you back or creeps you out, do share! Would like to see if anyone can top what I just presented.


Ann Marie said...

You are funny.. I have lots of memories of Lionel Richie as a kid..but they are all good!

This is seriously the first time you have seen that video? It's so old school to me.. just like all of the other videos are.. and if you think this video is creepy/scary.. I could produce a WHOLE lot of them that you would be thinking what????

I will make a list and show you one day... but maybe it's better not to see them..because then you'll just enjoy the music!

Mackenzie said...

#6 The mustache. Definitely adds to the creepy factor.

Carrie said...

ha ha ha! You totally just made my day!

Haley said...

I am thrilled to hear supporting evidence as to why I have ALWAYS hated that song!

I remember "that boy" in high school. Good times, Suz. Good times. :)

Heather said...

You are funny! LOL!!

I do find it a little unnerving.

JENNIFRO said...

Oh my gosh!!! You really got me laughing because I LOVE to pick things apart! I totally remember this video and something about the fact she is blind just cracks me up! The video is just so stupid all the way around however I seriously love the song always have. It obviously reminds me of some boy who never liked me back in high school like all the other Chicago, Phil Collins, Journey Top 40 hits! And I will let you know that Stevie Wonder sang, " I just called to say I love you." I know this because (like Lionel) I used to call my CRUSH and play the song over the words....just love through song! Great post!

Cherie said...

There are alot of disturbing video's out there - if only parents saw them. Lional Richie was very popular when I was growing up - Lots of memories there.
You are funny! I had never seen this video!

marisa said...

Hi-lar-ious! You would think that with all the people working on that video, they would have realized how creepy that is!!! I will never see him the same way again.

heather said...

Yes creepy but one my very favorite songs of all time. Did you hear David Cook sing it on AI a few seasons back? It was awesome.


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