Monday, December 21, 2009

12 Days of Christmas Days 2 - 4!

On the second day of Christmas I bring to you with love......
Compassion to the table!
We decided to wear our aprons this evening and bake cookies for our friends and neighbors. While Brian and Shae were busy making cookies, mom was tying gold bows to Symphony bars for our neighbor gifts this year. When we were all done, we spent the rest of our evening delivering our treats around the neighborhood.
For a very special friend, we delivered this red apron with the Grandma's apron poem attached!

On the third day of Christmas, I bring to you with love...

Respect and Honor to the table!

We started our evening by making a family snowman. Miss Bailey was with us and was gleefully happy to assist in our family snowman.

Brian made giant snow wheels and then placed the girls on top.

We have a tradition that we put this spider hat on our snowman. It is goofy and silly, but it has become a must in our snowman adventures.

The paths made by the snow wheels!

The girls had a ball, making our family snow man!

Potato eyes and a cucumber nose!

Afterwards, we came in and made this family sign. We talked about how important it is to respect and honor our family name. Great men and women have gone before us, and the way we act and behave not only reflects on us, but those before us. It is important that we represent each other in a kind, loving, hard working, polite and faithful member of our family. The sign says "Be True to Who You Are and the Family Name You Bear!" This was a quote from Gordan B Hinckley.

On the fourth day of Christmas, I bring to you with love....
Nourishment to the Table!
This night we gathered as a family and made Pumpkin Chocolate Chip bread. The goal was to deliver the hot loaves to loved ones around us. Minor problem came when I over cooked the loaves and they were a bit crispy on the outside. I shouted for glee, because I like it that way! Brian groaned in that he thought they were not presentable to give out. So we ate a loaf and gave a couple to a few friends and family. It was a nice peaceful night with the smells of hot pumpkin bread in my home and sitting on the couch as a family and enjoying our time together.

It was still really GOOD!!


Ann Marie said...

MMM that bread looks so yummy!

What fun things you have accomplished this week!

The snowman looks like he's visiting from Jamaca!! :)

Love the message on the sign!
Merry Christmas!!

Heather said...

I love your 12 days of Christmas!

Love the apron!

Cute snowman. You can tell by the pictures the girls had fun.

I so love pumpkin bread! Yummy! I would be thrilled if a batch didn't turn out just perfect. I would love to eat the mistakes, He, He!

Heather said...

BTW, I love the sign and how the quote is from Pres. Hinckley.


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