Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The Final Days of Christmas!

We have much to rejoice about here in our humble little home. The final days of Christmas were magical and peaceful. Even Saraphina was in the Christmas mood!

On Christmas Eve Eve, we celebrated the 10th Day of Christmas by bringing tradition to our table. Brian and I sat down and told Shaeler about our favorite Christmas memories and some of the traditions our families use to do around Christmas time. My favorite memory is putting up Christmas Decorations to the Alvin and the Chipmunks Chrismtas record. Brian talked about how his family would get new pj's every Christmas Eve.

And so as a family, we watched A Chipmunk Christmas in our new jammies.

I believe this was Shaeler's favorite night.

I enjoyed it too!
On Christmas Eve, we had a wonderful day of making gingerbread houses, puppet movies and doing a little last minute shopping. We then headed off to Macaroni Grill to have a Christmas Eve dinner with my grandma. Hey, she's 82! She's figured out that she doesn't want to cook and clean anymore on Christmas Eve and I do not blame her. Our tradition use to be to go to China Lily, but they closed the restaurant down. So now we go to Macaroni Grill. We are always invited to go and play Christmas Bingo, which we turn down so we can make Sugar Cookies for Santa Claus.

After the cookies were made, frosted and sprinkled, we gathered together for our 11th Day of Christmas, which is bringing goals to the table.

I placed a white stocking out and explained that Christmas was really about the birth of the Savior. We needed to give him a present and the best thing we could give him were our goals for the next year to be a little better. We wrote our personal goals down and placed them in the White Stocking to be open and read next year. We would repeat this year after year.

On Christmas morning, Shaeler woke us at 6:30 am on the dot. She was so excited for her new doll house, her bike and her barbie car!

On Christmas morning, we invited Anthony and the missionaries over for Christmas breakfast. On the 12th Day of Christmas I bring to you with love, PULL APART BREAD!
This is a a sticky bread and it represented that we stick together. The missionaries have never had pull apart bread and they loved it!

We had a very relaxing day where we spent time together and enjoyed watching Shaeler play with her toys. We spent time with family and friends and had a wonderful Christmas.

When the day was over, we were all pooped out!

The End!


The Dorsey's said...

I cried when I saw the tea party, with her dolls. I am so glad she likes it. Sounds like you guys had a great Christmas as well. Hugs to everyone and stay safe and warm.

<3 Janet

{Mo} said...

Looks like you had a fantaastic holiday! I love Christmas Traditions and the gift/goal to the Savior is one I've wanted to start....(note, to self REMEMBER that next year!) Happy New Year!

Mom of twins ♥ said...

Looks like a great Holiday season for you guys! Cute pictures.

Heather said...

Looks like you had a wonderful Christmas! I am glad you did. I love the idea of watching a movie in your new PJs on Christmas Eve.

I did the same thing about giving Christ Christmas gifts but ours was in a gift box. I think it really brings the magic of Christmas to life. I got the idea from Ann.

Joy For Your Journey said...

Your Christmas looks wonderful and your sugar cookies look delicious!! Happy New Years as well.

Clarke and Kamie said...

isn't it fun watching the kiddies play with their new toys all day? So cute. I love kids at Christmas!

heather said...

What an adorable little girl!!

I hope you have a wonderful new year!!

JENNIFRO said...

I love your white stocking and the goal setting...that is so brilliant. I sort of failed in this area this some and lose some I guess? You are always striving to be better which is so admirable and very inspiring to me...


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