Monday, December 14, 2009

The Melt Down, The Lesson, The Invisible Woman!

I had a very humbling moment today. I spent some time in my closet crying.

Have you ever had that moment when you are "parenting" (alright, when you are disciplining) your child and you get this brief thought of

"Is this the way Heavenly Father struggles with His children and has he ever thought this way about me?"

There are moments when I get so frustrated with my daughter. I have to be honest, I had a melt down today.

As I was pouring out my heart to my husband and expressing my frustration that my daughter will not listen to me and be obedient to the things I am trying to teach her, he wisely responded with the following counsel:

"Perhaps the lesson that is being taught is not meant for her, perhaps you are being taught by your father. Are you paying attention?"

And then my heart ached. Literally, pain in my chest as I was grateful for being reminded of the spiritual point of view.
One thing that Brian is very good at is that he lovingly reminds me of my weaknesses and helps me to see a possible step in a direction to maybe over come it.

I have spent the last week preparing for a new family tradition in our home that will occur duing the 12 days of Christmas. All in hopes that we could build traditions that will help Shae think that her Christmas's were wonderful and meaningful. A ton of time and effort has been put into this little project. As I was purchasing the last little bit of items for this event, Shae was being a complete Jerk to me. I was so mad that I was working so hard on something for her and she was being a jerk.

As I thought about Brian's counsel, I remembered a video I saw last week and thought to myself, I want to be an invisible woman. Please watch and it will explain:

So, as I write this post (and let me mention that I have missed our interactions immensely), I continue to ponder on the lessons that I need to learn and I am no longer bothered by being the invisible woman in my home.


Ann Marie said...

Loved that video!
Tis true!!!

We all have had those Melt downs.
Isn't it nice to know we are not alone in it?

Sounds like Brian had some very wise counsel. I agree with his thoughts...

In my lesson sunday I had comments about how Children are not respecting their parents like they used to though.. and sometimes I feel bad that I have to "nudge"(urge) Chad to remind the kids not to talk to me certain ways and such.. they need to know some boundries. Too many times talking back and such has become commen place.. and it shouldn't be.

I feel that we need a family home evening on respect. All of us need it. I know I do too.

Glad to see you back today!! Hope you post your 12 days!

Lisa said...

Great video. I soo needed to hear that. Thank you.

Carrie said...

Thanks Suz! Seriously, thank you!!!

Mackenzie said...

I love your blog entries. So inspirational.

Thank you for sharing these little glimpses into your life.

... said...
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Janet said...

You are not alone in your actions or feelings. I too cry in the closet, and I have those days when I feel that the dogs are higher on the totem pole than myself.

I had never seen that video before, but what she said made so much sense. I feel invisible all the time, but now I am going to consider it a positive thing instead of a negative.

I liked the videos message that even though others might not see all our hard work, at least heavenly father does.

Thank you for sharing this video and your thoughts.

JENNIFRO said...

Oh boy....get used to it. I know I've had my share of melt downs and freak outs at the kids. Sometimes its just so frustrating when you try so hard and they react so differently from what you expect. It's obvious you are a great mother...Shae is super lucky. She WILL eventually get it.. at least that's what I'm hoping will happen around here one day! ; ) Nice to see you again.

Jenice Henrie said...

I would love to be the invisible woman rather than the embarrassment of your life.

Natalie said...

I have seen that video twice and I love it. It sure hits home.


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