Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Red Mountain, How do you ALWAYS know??

It's funny, but every time I have a sad gloomy day, I always get an email from a place I have always wanted to be wisked away to.
The Red Mountain Spa!

Located down in St. George, I am always tempted on those days, that nothing is going right, people hate me, and I am ready to throw in the towel, to hop in my car and escape to my own Emerald City! Somehow, they sense my bad days and are more than happy to remind me of this little getaway.

Seriously, who wouldn't love a little pampering and kick in the health butt at the same time of finding the spiritual inner peace?
Me, Please!!

What? Dark Gloomy skies? I can't hear you, I'm swimming in the gorgeous pool right now!

Really? It's 20 degrees in Salt Lake? I wouldn't know, I just got back from my run on the trail along the red cliffs. Nothing but beautiful here!

CA-Leary, I can find inner peace when I can stare at God's beautiful work just outside my window.

What? I'm day dreaming again? Don't bother me right now, unless your name tag reads Red Mountain, don't even bother leaving me a comment.

One day, Red Mountain Spa!! One day!


Joy For Your Journey said...

Sorry to bother you with a comment but . . I want to come!! That looks wonderful!

Queen "B" said...

I am a Spa Hopper!! love it
loved your blog title
New Year Wishes from Across the Sea

Lisa said...

Me too!

heather said...

I think you should go. And take me with you!

Miss Megan said...

So good to have dreams and bucket lists...I think it's what gets us through the day to day tasks of our lives. *Hopefully* soon!

Carrie said...

Let's go!!!!! I am waiting for you to pick me up!

{Mo} said...

Ohhh, I wanna go! I just had my first ever massage today and I may just become a massage junkie!

Small House said...

LUCKY! I just really don't know what else to say but LUCKY!
Besides, JEALOUS!! That would be me...jealous.

JENNIFRO said...

I too dream of going to an awesome spa. I still can't believe I've never really been. I think if I had lots of money that is definitely a luxury I would treat myself to OFTEN. For some reason though, I have a hard time actually spending the cash on it now....probably because it's over so fast and I know I could buy stuff instead. However, when I was in NYC Anjie did go to the spa and it sorta made me change my outlook. She loved it so much and pointed out I could've gone and bought one less pair of boots. I'm rambling... anyway. I'm turning 40 this year and am going to go to a really good spa. How bout that?


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