Thursday, July 8, 2010

The Adventures of Grocery Shopping at Night!

In our house, I do the grocery shopping. Sometimes, Brian will accompany me, but mostly I go alone. I could send Brian, but I believe that we would have the weirdest things come home and no complete meals if we did.

"Honey, why is there a can a peanuts, some bananas and steaks in the grocery bag? Where is the rest of the food?"

You can't blame the guy, his experience is what is lacking. I am sure that if he had to do it week after week, he would catch on. Until then, the responsibility lays on my shoulders.

Last night, I went grocery shopping alone at NIGHT! Honestly, I was a little scared. I am not a real night person and I was out late which those who know us, know that is a rare siting in itself.

I had a list, I had my phone and my calculator. I was prepared!

At first I was stunned that there was hardly anyone in the store. I am use to the middle of the day, cart to cart jam packed where my bobbing and weaving skills are used at their max. Not at night. I could weave back and forth between the aisle and it was just me! Heck, I could have broken out into an aisle dance and no one would care, well except for that few shelf stockers, but hey a good musical number is always successful with a few brooms and jazz squares. Am I right? Am I right? Hello?

I was grinning ear to ear like the Cheshire cat as I could take my time looking at ingredients, calculating my costs and not having to jump in and out of a section just for the dang produce bag and then heaven forbid to weigh my food. I had 3 scales to myself. 3 SCALES!

I had no worries of my cart being in another's way and I could even leave my cart in one spot to walk around to different sections of the produce.

I am sure you are asking yourself, "Why such glee from an empty grocery store."

Well, I will tell you why:

It was a sweet blissful quiet moment of relaxation and food. There you go! I liked it and I think I will prefer to grocery shop in the wee hours from now on.
And those of you who have to grocery shop all the time, will understand why such an experience can make the world of a difference.


Kristen said...

My favorite times to shop? 9pm and 6am. You're right - it's the best! And much easier since at those times I don't have to take the kiddos.

Julie Harward said...

LOL...sounds like a new kind of fun...especially the dancing in the isles part! :D

Cherie said...

I have been grocery shopping late at night for years and years. I kind of stumbled upon it too.
When I had 3 preschoolers at home it was necessity that I go grocery shopping at 10 or 11 at night and leave everyone home sleeping so I wouldn't have to take 3 preschoolers during the day (can you say chaos!). But like you I realized the heaven that the grocery store is late at night and even though the kids got older, and left home that is still my favorite time to go.
I like to dance in the isles too!

Ann Marie said...

I love shopping at night!
My kids do NOT shop with me either.. as it's crazy and expensive.. and I like to think and have it quiet.. so it's good.

You must have been shopping at Macey's.. because I hear Walmart is crazy even in the PM....

Glad you found a new treasure.. :)

The Dorsey's said...

I agree, shopping in the evening is the best. Just be careful how late you go, they begin to put the produce away in the back fridges.

And NEVER go to Walmart after midnight! I have made that mistake twice and each time I have been locked down in the store due to some police disturbance in the front of the store. I thought it might be a Vegas thing, but I have heard horror stories from many different places and all came from a Walmart after midnight.

Anonymous said...

I did not know my shoping skills were lacking. How did I ever make it two years on my own.


Heather said...

I am so with you on this! I can't stand shopping with a lot of people in the store. I some times leave my cart at the end of an aisle (out of the way of course) and I walk down the aisle and get what I need. It is so much faster. I don't do this if I have Ayla though. You know I don't want her to end up missing! I do prefer to go shopping by myself though!

Thanks for leaving such a sweet comment on my last post! Thanks for thinking of me! I miss you too! Hope all is well!


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