Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Fabulous Weekend at the Cabin! (Part 1)

Over the Labor Day weekend we had our annual Trip down to the Cabin with the Dority's. This is our 3rd annual trip with our good friends and every year I have that same thought "Oh no! I hope that we didn't scare them that they will NOT want to come back again!" Oddly enough, they always do. This year, it started out with Robert and and his very coy and subtle invite "hey, are we going to the cabin this year?" To which our reply is always a resounding YES!!

I cannot express, how much fun and joy I felt over the weekend! Every moment was utter bliss and I didn't even take a nap!! So much to cover that I have to break it down into parts. I would love to do a photo slide show, but for publishing purposes, alas I cannot. So here we go!

We loaded Shaeler up in the truck with her "stash" and filled up the truck with fuel and we hit the road Friday morning.

One thing I love about road trips is that it always give Brian and I lots of time for great conversations. Sometimes we will talk about goals and dreams and sometimes I will read to him from a book. Love my time with him!
The first thing I want to comment about this trip is that the scenery around me was gorgeous everywhere we went. Here is a shot just outside of Nephi heading into Gunnison and the roads were lined with Sunflowers. It was almost a "France" like experience!
I am always amazed at the beauty and majesty at the top of the mountains. Here is a gorgeous shot I took going over Widtsoe's Pass.
As we came to the Summit, we were blown away at this beautiful shot of the mountains. They were doing a controlled burn on that mountain and with the sunrise and the silhouettes of the mountains, it literally took my breath away.
I started off with the scenery because it was a very spiritual moment for me. Life gets so busy that we sometimes pass up the glorious and beautiful world that we live in. I am so grateful for the opportunity and blessings that come from the place I call home!

Truly, the touch of the Master's hand!


Julie Harward said...

I LOVE the touch of the masters hand too...we have been feeling it also these last couple of weeks..love it! Your pictures are really good too :D

The Dorsey's said...

I am so happy that you guys had a wonderful time and that you made it home safely. I can't wait to read about the rest of your trip.

Cherie said...

That is exactly what I think of when I enjoy nature - The touch of the Masters hand. We are so blessed!
Beautiful pictures Suzanne and I think starting yearly traditions is a great thing :-D


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