Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Fun Has Just Begun!

My dear friend,

November is just as busy as December for me.  For the next 2 weeks, I will not be home almost every night.  You don't even want to hear what my Sunday's are like, it would make you cry.  Yes, it's that wonderful time of the year for YW in Excellence.  CRAZY!  Check on me before Thanksgiving.  If I am passed out on the front porch, call a massage therapist ASAP!!  I respond best to cake, cupcakes or raw cake mixes.   As for Brian, he too is extremely busy with work and hoping to get on top of things very soon.  Shaeler is happy as a lark with school and her playdates.  We are taking a break from swim lessons right now but are continuing on with the piano.  Shaeler came home with a really cool school project.

They mummified her barbie at school! 

I know they shaved her head, but I don't think they went into the cleaning out the brain through the nostril business.  I didn't tell her about that either.
She was ecstatic and she learned so much about Egypt and Mummies.  Yet another reason I love her school.

As for myself, I have been fighting the drama of finding a new hair dresser.  

Raise your hand if you know what I am going through.  Breaking up with your stylist is like breaking up with a boyfriend.  You can't help but compare to the last one, your scared to death to move on and you have those darn reoccuring thoughts of going back.

I had made up my mind that I wasn't going back and having been trying other stylists to get back on the scene.

I am pretty happy with stylist #2.  She took me a bit more blond that what I am use to, but I am thinking through a few more visits and being honest and open of what I like or not like, I could see myself sticking with this one. 

See!  It's like dating!  Ridiculous!

On another note, work for me has been crazy busy.  Wonderful things that I have been blessed with is that my computer screen got switched out with the old SEO's and now I have a ginormous screen to look at. It is the size of a screen I would put in my bedroom if I wanted a tv in there.  I have a new laptop to work with from home.  (The old duct tape job is limping along.) And my boss told me yesterday that he felt bad that he missed my birthday so he wants to take me to lunch and go shopping like we did last year.  Remember that story??  Ahh me, that one has to be in person.  But I am SUPER excited about lunch and Shopping!

Brian is recovering well. At least he says so.  He is ready for life to get back to normal and calm done a bit.  Work is insane for him.  I am doing the best I can to help him in whatever he needs.  He is still extremely happy in serving in his calling.  He loves YM and the Presidency that he serves with.  He perked up a bit when we went to dinner at Texas Road House last Saturday and we ran into our good friends.  Chad and Ann, Jordan and Katie.  He laughed so much like I haven't seen in a while.  As I sat at the table, I couldn't help but have a "home" like feeling.  Not like I lived with these people, but like being with them felt good as going home.  I wonder if we hung out in the Premortal world?  That I do not know.  What I do know is that heaven wouldn't be the same without good friends to laugh with.  I hope the Celestial Kingdom includes sitting at a table with these good people laughing about Brian's bed time, Chad's stories and Jordan's OCD's about food and dates.

One more thing I want to add before I go.  I have a testimony in the power of prayer.  I have had very specific things happen to me this last couple of days and I can testify that God listens and talks back.  Sometimes we don't know why and sometimes we know exactly why.  This morning, I got a good talkin to  from Ann Dibb that was specifically to me.  Won't go into details because of its sacredness, but Ann Dibb delivered the message to me and I know it was directly from Him.   Thanks Ann!  I love ya!

Always loyal and true!



Julie Harward said...

The Barbi mummy is so funny! I guess that is a good example! I love your hair, looks like this gal know what makes you look cute. Life is just plain busy...I also have a testimony about prayer, mine were answered again a couple of days ago. I an so thankful that we can ask for help and it's there. :D

Ann Marie said...

The mummy is funny! :)
Life is busy.. and busy is good as long as it doesn't take over life! ya know?

I too am grateful for the power of prayer very much! :)

Grateful Sister Dibb was there for ya. Best of luck plowing through everything this month!

Kristen said...

Love your hair! You are working the blond! :)

Mom of twins ♥ said...

Wow, you are one busy family! I love reading about how you guys are doing though and that's cool that Shae got to do that Mummy thing. Good luck with the YW stuff this month I know you will do awesome!!

JENNIFRO said...

YES. November is just as busy as December--we're supposed to shop, when? Your hair is SOOO cute! I just love it! I was going to say to come out here and let Jill or Jek do your hair but it's clear you've got it taken care of! The mummy is awesome--obviously a private school project. : ) Sounds like a great place. We always have YW in excellence in the spring and New Beginnings in the fall around here. Interesting how things vary. Good luck with all your busy-ness!
Glad the Mister's on the mend!


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