Thursday, December 16, 2010

Utter Joy Is..............

Freedom for a few days to get as many errands done without the worries of time!

Playing "Win it in a Minute" (see pictures in last post) and Scribblish with friends at a hotel and laughing into the night.

Seeing the First Presidency Christmas Message live and having my breath taken away with the music that was played and sung.

Being able to spot the red fox at the airport because it's shiny red coat is so apparent against the white snow.

Going to the Relief Society dinner and grateful for being moved around the room so I could talk to a lot of people.

Wrapping presents with the "Master" Julie late at night and being told I had to wrap it again because the paper was upside down. (which I really did have to do! LOL)

Listening to Christmas music for the past 3 months and still enjoy hearing it during my workouts now that we are 9 days away from Christmas.

Shaeler getting surprise gifts from the North Pole.

Going to 2 temples in 2 days and receiving a sacred spiritual memory.

Being invited to a Girl's Night Out with my favorite people in the whole wide world to have dinner and listen to David Archuletta and the Mormon Tabernacle Choir sing!

Having my car detailed at the dealership to have all stains in the seats dissapear!

Finishing the challenge I accepted with the Book of Mormon a day early!

Having an entire month dedicated to serving others around me.

Shaeler taking a whole new attitude and becoming the sweetest child I have ever met (knock on wood.)

Ribbons, Tool, Pretty Labels and Picture Labels, Christmas Cards and beautiful wrapping.

Dear friends and loved ones that make my life "oh so sweet" and kneeling in prayer thanking God that he has surrounded me with such amazing people.

Having a calendar that syncs with Brian's so that we are on the same page with our crazy lives and know what is going on and don't double book things.

Technology that fits in the palm of my hand and I still have yet to find out all of it's capabilities.

Finding a pink poinsetta and buying it to place on my desk.

Executing my 12 days of Christmas with the theme of "Favorite Things!"

Laying in bed with Shaeler and telling her my Christmas memories as a child.

Shopping with Becky for Sub-4-Santa and appreciating the blessings in my life.

Naps in the afternoon (power naps people!  Longest nap is 20 minutes)

Making hot chocolate for Bailee and Shaeler after they were out playing in the snow.  (Basically eating it.)

Bells, bells, the story of "I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day" and even more bells.

Waking up at 5:00 am and being giddy the rest of the day because I bought myself 2 extra hours in the day.

Sitting on the couch late at night staring at my beautiful Christmas tree!

Thinking of the Savior and all that he has done for me.  Truly beginning to understand and love the day of the birth of the Savior.

Recognizing the gifts I have been given from a simple prayer in asking "Help me find Joy during Christmas."


Julie Harward said...

Beautifully written by a beautiful soul. I loved it all, and I just a bit envious about the David and MTC concert! Have a great week, come say hi :D

Cherie said...

Lots of blessings in your life Suzanne! How wonderful.
Merry Christmas!

JENNIFRO said...

Wow.. your life has been FULL lately with so many good things. I hope your Christmas was wonderful...
I love your wordless post as well. Minute to win it is always a blast!


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