Monday, June 13, 2011

15 Interesting Facts About Me

(Attempting to revive from the blog fog).
1.  I love being a girl and all things girly.
2.  My favorite candy is Reisen
3.  I am an ice cream connoisseur.
4.  I cannot stand piles.
5.  I have no creative skills (crafts, decorating)!
6.  I have a depth perception problem.  Stairs are the worst and extremely difficult for me.
7.  I.Love.Shoes!
8.  I enjoy reading and studying everyday.
9.  My favorite workout is riding my bike outside.
10.  I am a very spiritual person.
11.  I get a kick out of random kind acts for others.
12.  I am extremely tender hearted for animals, small children and youth.
13.  I am a romantic at heart and love to read and watch love stories.
14.  I am not ticklish and would prefer for someone to beat upon my back than to have a massage.
15.  I wish that I had a talent of making desserts.

1 comment:

Jenice said...

The reason you cannot stand piles is because I am a connoisseur of piles. Don't you remember I had a pile on the counter, one under the counter, one under the desk and one in my bedroom. They were my attempt of organization. To this day I have piles that I plan to organize. And remember to add that you HATE peaches.


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